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FROM APPLICANT TO ARRESTED: The Fugitive Who Applied for a Police Job

question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” a new meaning. After taking Johnson into custody, the police proceeded to search her property. Incredibly, they found two credit cards in her possession they believed were stolen. Police added credit card theft charges to Johnson’s already considerable rap sheet. To make matters worse for her, the sheriff’s office also contacted Johnson’s former employer, the United States Postal Service, which launched its own investigation into her conduct. As of October 2022, Johnson was being held in a Hudson County jail awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania for the most serious charge against her. It’s unclear why she thought applying for a law enforcement position with outstanding warrants was a wise career move, but at least she made her would-be coworkers’ jobs easy that day.

check before hiring — or that this office specializes in resolving outstanding warrants. When processing her application, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office discovered the active bench warrant in Pennsylvania. The routine investigation also found 10 additional active bench warrants in Jersey City, New Jersey; Johnson had allegedly failed to appear on traffic charges. Most employers in this situation would probably move on to the next applicant, but the sheriff’s department decided to call Johnson in for an “interview” instead. Unsurprisingly, they had no

Even most criminals need traditional employment to pay the bills, but Zyeama Johnson looked for work in all the wrong places. Perhaps Johnson imagined her previous experience with law enforcement would give her a leg up in her application to the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office in New Jersey in 2022. But unfortunately for her, all of Johnson’s past and future involvement with the police would be on the wrong side of the law. Johnson was looking for a legal way to earn a living when she applied for a job as a security guard at the sheriff’s office. But her past money-making ventures

allegedly involved fraud, and she had failed to appear in a Pennsylvania court on the charges. Presumably, Johnson did not realize

intention of hiring her and arrested the fugitive on the spot. It gave the standard interview

a police station would perform a background

Unlock the Secrets of a Calming Bedtime Routine

Does it always seem like your kids get a burst of energy right before bedtime? After a jam-packed day, your child’s pent-up stress and energy will likely spike when it’s time to head to bed. The key is implementing a consistent bedtime routine to help them transition into sleep mode. Try therapeutic techniques to soothe your child for a full night of shuteye. Squeeze ’em tight (add pressure). Just like you would swaddle a baby, you should wrap your kids up like tiny burritos! When you add pressure that squeezes them tight, your child’s tactile and proprioceptive senses are activated, which creates a sense of calm and relaxation. You can also do this with weighted blankets, tight cuddles, or by tucking them in nice and snug with pillows placed around them to add more pressure. Get them warm and cozy. Warmth is another element that can increase calm and signal bedtime! Put their

blankets in the dryer so they’ll have them nice and warm when it’s time to lie down. Additionally, you can give them a warm drink with a straw, as the warmth not only relaxes them but the straw also encourages sucking motions, which are incredibly soothing for children. Create gentle movements. Repetitive and rhythmic movements like rocking back and forth generate vestibular input for the nervous system. This will help your children feel comfortable and ready to sleep! You can try these motions by rocking them on a yoga ball for a few minutes, reading a bedtime story in a rocking chair, or sitting with them in a porch swing or hammock right before bed. Turn the screens off. We already know that looking at screens harms our sleep, so why would that be any different for children? Decrease screen time as the day advances and completely turn off any screens at least two hours

before bedtime. Not only do you want to cut these harsh lights, but you should also add comforting ones! Unwind in dim lighting as the day ends, and place lava lamps or a night light in your children’s rooms to help soothe them. Also, adding a white noise machine or playing calm music can do wonders! Combine these therapeutic methods to create the perfect bedtime routine that will have your energetic kiddos in bed without a hitch.

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