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THE REVENGE OF THE RONIN Unveiling the Historic Massacre of Kira Yoshinaka

Never has there been a tale of revenge so blood-filled and epic as the 47 Ronin. Honorable and loyal to the end, these samurai warriors proved their dedication to their master in an incident that would become immortalized in Japanese literature, theater, and film. So, what led these samurai on a vengeful rampage? It started in April 1701, when nobleman Asano Naganori, also known as the lord of Ako, was treated with complete disrespect and arrogance by Kira Yoshinaka, a court official. After holding back his anger, Asano finally snapped. Asano revealed his sword and attacked Kira in the middle of the palace’s main hall. Although Kira lived to tell the tale, Asano broke court rules and was ordered to kill himself. Following the court’s ruling, Asano ended his life on April 21, 1701. After his demise, Asano left behind his faithful 47 samurai, whose status was lowered to ronin (samurai with no leader). Crushed by his death, the ruthless men created a plan. The 47 Ronin laid low for two years by dispersing and living in “retirement.” The years passed, and the men were able to lower Kira’s guard. At this point, one of the ronin had reached his 80s and could not participate in the vengeful plan. However, the remaining 46 men raided Kira’s estate on an early January morning in 1703. They fearlessly battled Kira’s samurai and decapitated Kira. The ronin then carried his head in a basket for miles to their deceased lord’s grave.


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Authorities were intensely conflicted on how to treat the vengeful massacre. While it broke the shogun’s rules,

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the act followed the respected samurai warrior code. Yet, in the end, all 46 men were ordered to kill

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themselves via self- disembowelment, hara-kiri . The ronin ranged in age from 15 to 77 years old. After their deaths, the ronin became

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legends and were buried alongside their master, Asano Naganori. You can visit this famous site at Sengakuji Temple in Tokyo.

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