Quality assurance framework

Role summary

- Delivering high quality mental health training to MHFA England workplace and community clients - Creating amazing client and learner experiences

MHFA England

Commitment to learning

15. Reflect on each course delivery to clients

19. Actively embrace opportunities for Associate Instructor peer-to-peer learning 20. Actively embrace and respond appropriately to Associate Instructor peer feedback to improve

16. Actively improve and progress own practice as an Associate Instructor 17. Actively keep knowledge of mental health services and signposting resources relevant and up to date, particularly in relation to relevant client sectors 18. Keep up to date with the subject matter area of the products in their accredited product range e.g. Adult/Youth/Armed Forces within the context of relevant client sectors

delivery practice

Course delivery

21. Have a track record of high quality training

25. Deliver MHFA England products and courses to clients in their role as a representative of MHFA England 26. Actively deepen knowledge of cultural and intersectional sensitivity regarding mental health and widen breadth of knowledge in relation to appropriate and intersectional signposting 27. Contribute positively to the learning experience of the learners within the context of the client sector

delivery across a range of products

22. Develop a collaborative and professional relationship with MHFA England clients

23. Demonstrate relevant sector specific knowledge

and experience

24. Demonstrate good practice in the preparation and delivery of courses to clients, including background research on the client to understand the organisation and leading pre-course planning

28. Proactively provide feedback on course delivery


to MHFA England team


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