Quality assurance framework

Raising a quality concern

MHFA England is committed to making sure every learner on our courses gets a safe and high quality learning experience from our members. We will investigate and resolve any instances where this is alleged to not be the case. If you have a quality related concern about an Instructor Member, Associate Instructor, or National Trainer, we encourage you to raise the concern directly using our confidential quality concern reporting form .

Quality concerns raised are processed and investigated by the Quality Assurance team. You can be sure that the Quality Assurance team will take your concerns seriously and will update you on the progress and outcome of the investigation.

The investigation and resolution process

Information gathering




1. Information gathering After you have submitted your quality concern, the Quality Assurance team will contact you within three working days. We will discuss and agree with you which information you are comfortable for us to share with the member and how we can maintain your anonymity if you prefer. At this stage, interviews may be held with the person raising the concern, any other willing witnesses, and with the member in question, to understand their experiences of the concern raised.

2. Investigation This stage focuses on understanding in more depth how the concern fits into our knowledge of this member. The Quality Assurance team may: - Conduct an objective observation of the member’s course delivery - Review recent observations already conducted for this individual - Review their historic learner evaluations - Review their co-delivery feedback - Review the member’s post-course reflections


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