Quality assurance framework

MHFA England

3. Resolution There are number of potential outcomes, based on the type of quality issue identified, which can include: - Sign off for the member to continue delivering without further action - Agreement of a development plan and time limited review process - A written warning - Removal from a specific role (for example, Associate Instructor or National Trainer role) - Removal of membership A record of the investigation and resulting action will be held on the Instructor Member’s data record for future reference. In the case of removal from a role or membership, there is an appeal window of 15 working days for the member to provide additional evidence following the communicated outcome. The appeal will be reviewed by a member of the MHFA England executive team unconnected with the original investigation.

4. Feedback The person raising the concern will be updated by the Quality Assurance team with a summary of the outcome of the investigation where it is appropriate to do so. The Quality Assurance team will aim to resolve all quality related concerns within two months of the concern being raised. In some instances, where observations or further action may be needed, the resolution process may be extended beyond this timeframe.


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