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You Can’t Retire to Nothing


I absolutely love the outdoors. As Pacific Coasters, we have the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. Just a few weeks ago, my wife and eldest son took a sunset walk with me at Strands Beach. It’s an epic beach, nearly a mile long, level and straight with cliffs high above. The feeling that comes with the dimming light, the misty air, and the crashing waves is hard to put in words, but it is a beautiful feeling. Mountain hikes are just as fulfilling. Yosemite is one of my favorite places. Climbing steadily up to Yosemite Falls, heart rate racing and breathing heavy, I feel alive. The view of the falls and valley below, the sunlight casting shadows across the granite faces, and the smell of pine and redwoods in the air — everything is simply breathtaking. There’s a sense of fulfillment outside of our working lives that’s becoming more elusive in the modern world. Showing an interest in others is an important way I find meaning. I find more happiness in giving than receiving, so I try to be uplifting through the congregation I belong to. We all seem to be needing some encouraging words these days. Often, a few kind words can keep you thriving. Through the years, thoughtful words have helped me be a better father, husband, and even business owner. They’ve helped me stretch to new goals I would not have set or achieved “Where do you find fulfillment outside of work? If you can’t answer that question confidently, I hope you’ll take some time to think about it soon.”

otherwise. The time I spend with others brings me closer to them, helps me develop compassion and patience, and brings added meaning to my life.

These things are what keep me chugging along, and it’s my intention to never retire from them. When I converse with my clients, one of their chief concerns is reliable retirement income. Sometimes, what they’ll be retiring to, and not from, gets overlooked. Many folks become engrossed in their careers and employment. Their professional environment provides structure, community, and a reason to get up in the morning. When that goes away, it can be challenging for some to figure out what’s next. When someone retires with no goals or purpose, retirement can be all too short. So I ask you: Where do you find fulfillment outside of work? If you can’t answer that question confidently, I hope you’ll take some time to think about it soon. We need forums to expend our energy, stimulate our minds, and invest our time. I can’t tell you where and how you’ll find these things because the answer is different for everybody, but I can say without reservation that you’ll profit greatly, in a way that can’t be measured in numbers, when you find them. Our lives continue after our careers, and they continue for quite a long time if we’re fortunate. Yes, prudently planning for a secure retirement is essential. But what is that planning worth if you don’t have an idea for how you’ll enjoy your post-work years? Those retirement years just might be the most fulfilling ones you’ll experience yet.

We’re looking forward to hearing about what you’re planning in the next chapter of your life!

–Charles Dzama


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