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Re v e a l Yo u r Na k e d Be a u t y

PURITY Oil of Rosehip Anti-Aging + Vitamin A

H ADAKA comes from the Japanese language, meaning “naked, nude or bare” Luxurious yet affordable. All-natural, cruelty free, wild harvested and fair trade ingredients.



Known as the Royal Oil, it’s the secret of Duchess of Cambridge and celebrities.

PURITY Oil of Marula Highly Hydrating Healing Oil

This luxurious moisturizing treatment for face and lips, is rich in Vitamin A, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to aid in tissue repair and cell r egeneration.



Especially helps skin with acne as it helps to bring natural oils back into balance. Size: 15ml

The Secret to GLOWY skin! Marula absorbs into the skin easily, helps beat environmental stressors like pollution, sun dam- age, and harsh weather. It can be used as a daily moisturizer, as a hydrating oil after exfoliating lips & face, and as a makeup primer to keep the skin hydrated and glowy. This oil will leave your skin looking radiant and hydrated. PURITY Oil of Marula is a cold pressed virgin African Oil, it is deeply hydrating and helps heal, repair & moisturize dry skin, sunburn, eczema & redness. High in oleic acid, omega-9 fatty acids & antioxidants including Vitamins C & E. Balances oil production, retains the moisture in skin, repairs skin cells from environmental stressors & medical treatments and promotes elasticity while healing scars. Absorbs easily leaving the skin nourished, supple, elastic & plumped. Repairs nails, helps cuticles maintain their barrier function, sealing in moisture and preventing bacteria, yeast, and other pathogens from invading.

PURITY Oil of Prickly Pear Anti-Aging + Moisturizing

Size 5 & 15ml



Luxurious and exceptional hydrating and anti-aging properties. PURITY Oil of Prickly Pear will especially help prevent the look of ma- ture skin and appearance of fine lines. It stands out for its effectiveness as anti-wrinkle for the eye contour, it contains powerful regenerating, healing, nourishing and firming properties. High in Omega-6 fatty acids and naturally ocurring Carotenoids, Vitamn C & E and Flavonoids, this oil tones the skin and contains powerful antioxidants. It will highly moisturize and penetrate deeply into the skin to provide intense hydration without clogging pores. It helps delay skin aging. It also strengthens the hydrolipidic layer and skin cells, making the skin more elastic and soft, regaining its shine.

Size: 15ml

Fa c e Ro l l e r s


WANDLOVE Face Roller Massager Hadaka

Lymph Drainage | Reduces puffiness & dark circles | Calms & brightens the skin | Lift the skin improving its elasticity | Eliminate toxins | Healing properties | Allows serums to penetrate more efficiently

Authentic Natural Quartz & Gemstones Available: Rose Quartz, Amethyst & Tiger’s Eye

Fa c e Oi l Co l l e c t i o n

WANDLUXE Obsidian Lifting Roller Hadaka

Designed with 170 cuts to help visibly lift and contour your face. Experience the benefits of WANDLU XE Obsidian Lifting Roller. It helps to sculpt your face, rejuvenate and lift the skin. At the same time it helps with lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation to reveal a brighter, younger skin.

BLACKHEAD MASK Pore Purifying Bamboo Charcoal Mask


Obsidian: The Powerful and Protective Stone

An effective peel-off mask based in natural, bioactive ingredients with activated charcoal that removes excess sebum, blackheads and other impurities from the skin.

Easy to use | 20 minute application | For all skin types | Activated charcoal | Oat Extract , Vitamin A, B5, E, Calendula.

Size 8 ml



24KT GOLD EYE MASK Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen + Vitamin A

24KT GOLD FACE MASK Hylauronic Acid + Vitamin A + Collagen


Reduces puffiness | Moisturizes and hydrates the skin | Helps to rebuild collagen | Helps reduce fine lines | Brightens up the skin | Glowy-looking


The ultimate collagen boosting face mask for all skin types. It transforms the look of dry, dull skin and leaves you feeling hydrated and refreshed. Formulated with active ingredients rich in antioxidants like grape and plum seed extract, it promotes elas- ticity, fights against premature signs of aging and protects skin from harsh environmental stressors and free radicals. Moisturizes and hydrates the skin | Helps to rebuild collagen | Firm and taut feeling | Helps reduce fine lines | Glowy looking skin | Ideal after tanning

Reusable up to 2-3 times

Individual or Box with 5 masks.

24KT GOLD LIP MASK Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen


24KT GOLD TRIO MASK Face, Eyes, Lip

Helps reduce fine lines | Ideal as an added service for lash extensions | Recommended for people who smoke | Moisturizes and hydrates the lips | Helps to rebuild collagen.


The best Gold bundle! HADAKA Gold masks will leave your skin rejuvenated, glowy, hy- drated and revived. 1 of each masks in a beautiful Gold Pack. Moisturizes and hydrates the skin | Helps to rebuild collagen | Firm and taut feeling | Helps reduce fine lines | Glowy looking skin | Ideal after tanning

Reusable up to 2-3 times

Individual or Box with 5 masks.

Vitamin A, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid & Nano Gold.



Extra V-Line Lift Up Neck Lift DearDerm

V line face without surgery! Goodbye double chin! , Goodbye Baby fat! Goodbye chubby cheeks! You can achieve the results in 3-4 weeks (varies between individuals) Reduces Facial Contour & Burns facial fat Smoothens and firms skin Moisturizes skin with Collagen Face lifting benefit with revolutionary Neoprene

Korean Beauty

Contains: Lift-Up Belt & V-line 1 Sheet x 7 packs

Eyelid Perfector Double-Sided Eyelid Tape Measurable Difference

Give your look a naturally beautiful lift without going under the knife. This clear double-sided tape is contoured to nicely fit your eyes and designed to help smooth and even out the shape of your lids. It ’s long lasting and the perfect way to create a flawless appearance.

Gold Hyaluronic Acid or Black Pearl EGF Hydrogel Patch DearDerm Gold Hyaluronic Acid & Black pearl EGF Hydrogel Eye Patch have a high level of amino acids and minerals to help skin improve. It also contains gold ingredients that help purifies the skin and helps keep the bright tone. Black Pearl helps to heal, firm, brighten and has antioxidant protection.

Includes applicator 3 sizes included.

Oil Control Film Blotting paper Callas

Jar with 60 patches

Face Oil Remover Film Face oil remover film patches absorb unwanted oil from your nose and forehead to reduce that undesirable shine. Virtually no disruption of makeup. You can see the oil you remove on the patch so you know it is doing the job. Its soft, quiet nature allows you use the patches anywhere without draw- ing attention to yourself. Patented technology to absorb surface facial oil while leaving skin’s natu- ral intact. Contents: 50 sheets, 5.5 x 8.5cm (2.1 x 3.3inch)



K Beauty Sheet Masks

Bio Cellulose Mask Collagen - Hyaluronic acid - Vitamin C

DearDerm A mask sheet developed by micriobial fermentation science. Originally used by doctors to heal burns and wounds. Microbial Cellulose is inoculated with a strain in fruit juice which is natural material made by cultiva- tion and fermentation. Vitamin C: Antioxidant properties, promotes collagen synthesis helps prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV) induced photodamage. Hylauronic Acid: Helps your skin to look more supple, hydrates, freduces wrinkles, redness and dermatitis Collagen: A protein made up of aminoacids, to help our body’s connective tissue, skin hair and nails to stay healthy.

Korean Sheet Masks Moisturizing, Toning, Firming, Brightening, Hydrating, Soothing & More! DearDerm

Directly from Korea, these sheet masks will improve your skin.

Made without 11 harmful ingredients for the skin like: Parabens. Sulfates, Phatalates, Mineral Oils, Benzophenone, Paraffin, Triclosan, Petrolatum, Triethanolamine, Urea,Methyl- chloroisothiazoline



D ERMOSOIE is a proudly Canadian brand delivering skincare based on advance science to create younger, healthier , brighter and glowing skin. DermoSoie formulates products to individually target cells to exert the desired effect. This explains why our products are so noticeably more effective compared to other products on the marke t.


Aloe Vera Soothing, Moisturizing Gel DearDerm

OptiSoie Serum in capsules for under eyes


This soothing gel contains aloe vera leaf extract giving a refreshing feel with no stickiness making the skin moist. The soothing gel can be applied to the face and body in multi-areas providing a calm and moisturizing effect to sensitive skin from the inside and out as it keeps the skin to become healthy.

Helps diminish wrinkles | Helps diminish puffiness under the eyes.

Size 30ml

Size: 300gr

AlbaSoie Skin Brightening Cream


Whitens the skin | Reduces hyperpigmentation | Inhibits melanine production.

Size 30ml

Feather Flamingo Facial Touch-Up Razor Feather Smooth, Safe Trimming.

BotoSoie The Botox-like Effect


It is easy to use. It ’s easy to shape your eyebrow, and make your eyebrow stylish, create perfectly shaped eyebrow. The Eyebrow Trimmer Shaper work beautifully not only on your chin hair, but on your upper lip, cheek fuzz, around your bikini area etc. Advanced handle design: Ergonomics streamlined design,durable and beautiful,easy to handle. Achieve Perfectly shaped Eyebrows with painless and effortless actions. No more tweezing pain. Can protect sensitive skin and prevent the blade from cutting too closely while shaving

Reduces wrinkles | Replaces lost collagen | With Argireline to re- duce existing wrinkles | With Ma- trixyl to increase collagen synthesis

StemSoie Stem cells with Vitamin C 20%

RetinoSoie Retinol 1%

Size 30ml



Renews the skin overall appearance | increases firmness | Diminishes wrin- kles | Anti-aging effect

Slows down the aging process | An- ti-wrinkle treatment | New cell growth | Slows the breakdown of collagen | Reduces and removes spots

Size 15ml

Size 15ml

Ma k e u p R e m o v e r s

Cleansing & Makeup Remover Wipes Moisturizes & cleanse in 1 step. Callas

Pre-moistened tissues thoroughly remove traces of makeup and impurities in one easy step. They are infused with natural extracts to soothe and moisturize the skin. The convenient package makes it easy to carry with you any- where for on-the-go cleansing. Travel-friendly. -Removes even waterproof mascara -No rinsing necessary -Contains Vitamin E -Alcohol-free *Results may vary depending on the permanence of makeup

Cucumber cools and softens your skin. Aloe Vera heals & relieves skin Green Tea rejuvenates your skin Pearl White has skin brightening properties Collagen increases firmness, Vitamin C brightens your skin Hyaluronic Acid highly moisturizes your skin

Druide Bi-Phase Makeup Cleanser Druide

Silky, alcohol-free bi-phase makeup remover that perfectly re- moves makeup from the face and eyes without drying out the skin. Its unique two-phase formula combines the purifying, softening and protective properties of its ingredients to reveal a radiant clean skin that keeps all its softness to the touch.

F a c e C l e a n s i n g

EcoCert Cosmos Organic and Made In Canada.

Absolute heaven ! takes off all eye makeup without burning and with a soft finish.

Size: 150ml

Ma k e u p R e m o v e r s

F a c i a l S c r u b b e r s

Daily Bio Cotton Makeup Removers Organic, Biodegradable Vegan Cotton Pads

Your Facial Mini Scrubber Dual texture

Daily Concepts

Natural and reusable makeup removal solution! Includes laundry bag along with multiple pads and sizes to fit your facial and makeup removal needs. Easy to use, only requires water, no cleanser needed. Cut down on your waste footprint with these reusable makeup removers which are a zero waste make- up towel removal alternative.

Daily Concepts

Designed with pockets to slip your fingers in and choose your texture for better control. The innovative textures with micro scrubber tech- nology are just right for a daily soft wash or for an exfoliant wash, both perfect for your face. Label with indicator that fades when it ’s time to replace Your Facial Micro Scrubber. Natural cotton base layer with nylon exfoliating loops for the ideal texture. Environmentally friendly, soy based foam mate- rial (inside the scrubber) to create a rich lather. Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested.

2 Sizes Multi-pack: 2 Eye, 3 Facial Makeup Removers 2 sided; soft & textured. Laundry Bag included. Organic, Biodegradable, Vegan.

Reusable Cotton Makeup Removers Soft Cotton Pads to Remove Makeup

After Spa

It removes up to 100% of the most difficult makeup with the help of the extra soft texture remover fabric with only water. It is ideal for all skin types and helps you to leave it fresh and soft. You will save a lot on wipes make-up remover.

Easy to use, Totally reusable, You only need water, It does not leave residues

Daily Facial Dry Brush Tone And Firm Skin

Amazing Makeup Remover Deep Cleanses Skin

The perfect tool to add into your skin regimen. Facial dry brushing is like a workout for your face, its transformative power is that potent! Helps to tone and firm skin while gently exfoliating and stimulating cellular turnover. Stimulates lymphatic pathways and encourages drainage to reduce puffiness.

Your Facial Micro Scrubber Removable sleeve that can be machine washed.

After Spa

It removes up to 100% of the most difficult makeup with the help of the extra soft texture remover fabric with only water. It is ideal for all skin types and helps you to leave it fresh and soft. BENEFITS Only requires Water, Deep cleanses the skin, Ideal for all skin types, Leaves your skin fresh and smooth, Save on cleansing wipes

Daily Concepts

With two textures and a convenient pocket to slide your fingers in you can either exfoliate and remove makeup or gently cleanse skin depending on the side you choose. The pocket allows for control and precision while the soy based sponge and natural organic cotton base elevate the effectiveness of your facial soap or cleanser and create a luxurious lather.

Always use Daily Facial Dry brush only on dry freshly cleaned skin.

Dimensions approx: Mini: 5 x 4in Medium 9 x 4 in

Colors Pink (mini or medium ) / Black (Medium)

F a c e T o o l s

Konjac Sponge Gentle exfoliation for your daily cleansing routine.

Facial Micro Scrubber For a complete exfoliation on the face and neck

After Spa

After Spa

Cleans and moisturizes your skin to leave it soft and radiant. This 100% vegetable sponge is recommended for all skin types, even the most delicate. Deep cleans and polishes the facial skin. BENEFITS With Turmeric to hydrate your skin, For a soft and radiant skin.Tested for all skin types, FEATURES Vegan, Without preservatives, 100% natural Biodegradable, Konjac Root

Daily Facial Roller

Dual sided scrubber with removable towel-likecloth cover every day for a complete exfoliation on the face and neck. Eliminates impurities and dead cells for cleaner and health- ier skin. It has a functional package to hang your accessory in the bathroom. BENEFITS Eliminates skin impurities, Remove dead face and neck cells, For a cleaner and healthier skin, Clinically tested, For daily use.

Daily Concepts

Helps to reduce puffiness in the face, under the eye, flush out your lymphatic system and also increase circulation helping with cell turnover. The benefits of rolling our countless, tried and true! Dual headed roller for multipurpose | Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested | Not tested on animals and vegan

Jade is a stone known for its luck and abundance wielding effects Amethyst is a stone known for increasing ones intuition. Opal is a stone known for increasing creativity Obsidian is a stone known for increasing spiritual and energetic protection Rose Quartz is a stone known for increasing compassion.

Available in Turmeric, Charcoal and Pure.

Your Konjac Sponge 100% natural, Konjac Root.

Daily Concepts

Konjac has been traditionally used in Japan as a beauty treatment for a long time due to its properties. The Konjac sponge is highly absorbent in both water and oils and is excellent for a thorough cleansing. It also has great function to break down skins dirt and balance pH. Your Konjac Sponge-Charcoal has no preservatives and no chem- icals, it does have bamboo charcoal that helps absorb impurities to purify and deep cleanse your skin. In other words, Exfoliates and Detoxifies.

Daily Jade Gua Sha Portable + 2 Sides

O r g a n i c K o n j a c

Beauty Tools

GUA SHA: The Gua Sha works as the perfect stimulator for renewing the skin by flushing out the lymphatic drainage and increasing blood flow, both of which are essential for radiant, healthy and vibrant skin!

Texture: Soft/Gentle (for all skin types) Available in: Pure, Charcoal or Turmeric

Teeth Cleansing

100% Natural Activated Charcoal Powder Teeth Whitening

Facial Kit

The Teeth Whitening Powdered Charcoal is one of the best things you can use to brush your teeth with. Charcoal is hard in nature, but gentle enough that it won’t scratch your teeth. In fact, it is one of the safest ways to whiten and deodorize your teeth. Activated Organic Charcoal can be used as a toothpaste supplement in addition to your toothpaste, help- ing your teeth and gums stay healthy. For best results, gently brush your teeth daily with activated charcoal for 30 days.

Size 60gr

Ultimate Facial Kit The best kit for every concern

Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner can get rid of tooth impurities in one easy step! Eliminate plaque buildup, smog residue or even dental calculus! This tooth Cleaner comes with ultrasonic vibration and five-speed strength adjustment. The Medical grade alloy steel easy to remove calculus, tea stains, smoke stains. The integrated design of the fuselage integrates the contents of the traditional host into the handle, which is more convenient, easy to grip. IPX6 waterproof level, use cleaning to be healthier, suitable for daily use. Charged via USB, you can virtually plug it in anywhere! it’s perfect for carrying it with you, wherever you go!

The Ultimate Facial Kit is the perfect skin care and beauty companion. Complete with products to remove makeup, apply makeup, cleanse and enhance skin. This set is ideal for holidays and gift giving or for a beauty and skincare lover.


Makeup Remover: Conveniently the right size and completely organic. This Makeup Remover is designed with a pocket to slip your fingers in and remove makeup with the addition of warm water. Cleansing Puff: This exfoliating and cleansing puff is the perfect tool for elevating your current facial routine. The texture is ideal for a mild to vigorous scrub and works well with your favorite cleanser or soap. Jade Facial Roller: The Jade Facial Roller is a tool that has been used for centuries to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and increase circulation while also toning and contouring. The cooling effort of the Jade Facial Roller will also reduce puffiness and tighten pore. Furthermore, Jade is known for its healing properties and has been a long time symbol of purification and tranquility.

Makeup applicator: The perfect beauty tool to extend the life of your makeup and concealer and to give you an even finish.

Color Pink or Black

Headband: Comfortably control hair with this convenient, soft, flexible bamboo fiber Beauty Headband. Perfect to sweep hair off of your face when cleansing or when applying a facemask, or even to control hair as you apply makeup. Elastic band makes for a comfortable fit and also absorbs excess moisture.

**Packaging and color may differ from image. Only for showcasing purposes.

Beauty Devices


Ultra Sonic Skin Scrubber Skin Cleansing- Improve Absorption of Products - Skin Tightening.

Daily Lip Scrubber Silicone Lip Brush

Clean clogged pores, remove excess oil, pore refining, improve skin circulation, exfo- liate dry and flakey skin, improve skin radiance, texture and tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost skin care absorption. Facial skin scrubber: high-frequency vibration facial scraper deeply remove blackhead, acne, dead skin, eliminating wrinkles, oils down in your pores, this is the easiest and most painless way to rid your face of blackheads. Deep cleaning: With high frequency vibration, the skin scraper can quickly clean blackheads, whiteheads, keratin, dead skin and acne. Completely gentle exfoliating process. Safety: The spatula is made of 100% stainless steelanti-rust, corrosion-resistant, non-al- lergic. Three Modes: Ion +: Helps remove blackheads, dead skin, dirt or oil. Ion-: Helps the skin absorb nutrients and lifts the skin. Lifting: Helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and brightens your skin again.

Daily Concepts

Allows gentle exfoliation and circulation for plump, smooth and soft lips. The handle and the finger hole are designed for convenient use and easy application. The Daily Lip Scrubber works as the perfect stimulator to increase blood circulation and to remove dry skin. Can be used with any sugar lip scrub or lip oil to gently massage lips. Can also be used with lip balm to moisturize.

LED Photon Rejuvenation Boost Skincare Results

Daily Relaxing Sleep Mask Rest in complete comfort and darkness

Pulire Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush A non-abrasive silicone cleansing brush that gives your skin the deepest clean, ever. This mini-but-mighty facial cleansing brush will deep-clean your skin like no other. The teeny-tiny silicone bristles massage and work your cleanser into your skin for better absorption and a more effective cleaning. Lightweight design custom made to fit the palm of your hand for a comfortable and secure grip. The curved surface helps deep clean pores and preps the skin for your daile regimen 7 speed options that adjust to your skin sensitivity level. Safe to use and gentle for around eye area. This ultra gentle brush will leave your skin irritation and red-free. This beauty device comes with vibrating massage and four interchangeable LED heads, one with all 40red LED’s one with 40blue LEDs, one with all 40yellow LEDs and one with all 40purple LEDs.With the interchangeable LED heads, each color photon abd vibration can work separately, they can also work together at the same time, used for facial and body care. Via micro USB port and built-in big capacity battery design, it can be charged through any device with a USB port. Red light: Incxrease blood circulation, stimullate collagen, improves facial lines. Blue light: Bacterial function, helps with acne, kills bacteria. Yellow light: Imprpves microcirculation and regulates cell activity, helps inhibit the genera- tion of pigment and freckles. Purple light: Relaxing, helps eliminate toxins, reduces inflammation and improves healing and blood circulation.

Daily Concepts

Lightweight sleep mask with raised eye pockets and a velcro strap to protect lashes from unnecessary pressure and allow a comfortable and dark experience. Velcro adjustable strap | Raised pockets to protect lashes and allow eyes to comfortably blink if needed Lightweight for a comfortable experience. Clinically, allergy and dermatol- ogist tested.

Ultra Light Sleeping Mask With adjustable straps

After Spa

Rest perfectly with this sleeping mask that blocks the light completely. It allows you to blink freely, without damaging the makeup and is easy to use as it has adjustable strips. BENEFITS: Allows to blink freely, Prevent makeup from running, Easy to use. With adjustable straps FEATURES: One size, Ultra light, Soft texture, Self-adjusting

Available in Purple (shades and colour varies)



15twenty is all about an effective and reliable beauty regimen that seamlessly fits into your routine. Dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and unparalleled results. ALL of 15twenty brushes are produced with environmentally friendly VACUUM PLATED handles ALL are made of BRASS for quality and durability. ALL brushes use highest grade synthetic hair that contains a “cuticle” for best application of powder, creams, liquids.

#WinkWink 8 Eye Brush Set


The 15twenty eye brush collection will give your entire eye area incredible radiance. Whether applying eye shadow to your lids, blending to create your own unique look, or getting to just the right spot on you eye crease, this brush collection will be your BFF.

Resting Fab Face 5 Face Brush Set


Wink Wink


1 Round Blending Brush (E01) 1 Eyeshadow Blending Brush (E02) 1 Eyeshadow Blending Brush (E03) 1 Eyeshadow Blending Brush (E04) 1 Flat Blending Brush (E07) 1 Concealer Brush (C02) 1 Angled Eyeliner Brush (EL02) 1 Eyebrow Brush (EB01)

The 15twenty face brush collection is the quintessential tool for all your daily makeup needs. From applying powder, foundation, and blush, to creating perfect shading, the 15twenty face collection will answer all of your faces desires.

Includes: 1 Powder Brush (P01) 1 Compact Foundation Brush (F02) 1 Blush Brush (B01) 1 Angled Shading Brush (S01) 1 Highlighting Fan Brush (H01)

#Ready...Set...Go 6 Face Brush Set


The Ready Set Go face and eye brush collection is the essential kit for an everyday quick makeup look.

Includes: 1 Powder Brush (P01) 1 Compact Foundation Brush (F02) 1 Concealer Brush (C02) 1 Eyeshadow Blending Brush (E02) 1 Angled Eyeliner Brush (EL02) 1 Eyebrow Brush (EB01)





WONDER Luxe Body Oil with Marula & Camellia

Tr e a t s Yo u r Dr y S k i n I m m e d i a t e l y!


WONDER Luxe Body Oil nourishes and restores the skin’s radiance by deeply moisturizing the skin after a shower or bath. Lightweight, non-greasy will instantly enhance your skin. Anti-aging & cicatrizant blend of Marula & Camellia oils promote the recovery of wounds and scrapes, and protect the skin from free radical damage that causes signs of aging. WONDER is rich in Vitamin C & E and deeply moisturizes the skin due to its exceptionally high oleic acid (omega – 9) content. Organic | All Natural | Highly Hydrating | Soft Skin | Non-greasy Formula | Healing Properties BENEFITS: - Deeply Mositurizing - Antimicrobial and antibacterial - Relieve skin irritations - Vanilla oil to uplift, while calming and relaxing - Reduces redness and inflammation - Boost the skin’s natural regeneration process

BUTTERFUL Marula Body Butter Cream


Replenish and rejuvenate the skin when you apply BUTTERFUL. Made with Marula Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, it will help to repair damage caused by pollutants, reduce the appearance of maturing skin, and deeply moisturize it. This body butter has a rich and creamy texture that melts into the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft, silky and with a healthy sheen. BUTTERFUL will help with eczema, stretch marks & dry dehydrated skin. Great for use after sun exposure to replen- ish the skin and give it a healthy glow.

Organic | All Natural | Highly Hydrating | Soft Skin | Non-greasy Formula | Healing Properties



DearDerm SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum. Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen


Su n Ca r e.

SPF50+ / UVA UVB Protection. PA +++ FDA Approved / National Drug Code obtained./ Made in U S A No white cast effect. Made for the whole family. Safe for children. All skin types. Cruelty-free, paraben free. Contains Aloe Leaf Juice: Improves skin inflammation and wound-healing.

Active Ingredient Homosalate 15%, Oxybenzone 6%, Octisalate 5% Avobenzone 3%,t Octocrylene 2.4%

Mineral & Organic Sunscreen Broad Spectrum


Mineral & Organic Certified. Translucent sunscreen. A real innovation, this sunscreen offers a wide spectrum SPF30 protection against UVA and UVB. Translucent, it is easy to apply without leaving any white films and it smells divinely good. No nanoparticules.

Gl a m o r o u s t a n i n g, a l w a y s w e l l p r o t e c t e d

Gluten free, Non-greasy, allergen-free and shine-free cream. Hydrating, calming, and remineralizing. Perfect for oily skin as it provides a natural matte effect.

Medicinal Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 2% & Zinc Oxide 18.4%

All In One SPF 50 Sun Protection Spray Spf 50 For Sensitive Skin

All in One Shower Gel With Mosquito Guardian


Dry oil sun protection leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and radiant. It protects hypersensitive skin and the delicate skin of kids from sun expo- sure. Contains Avocado and Jojoba oil that maintain the skin moisturized, protecting from water dehydration. Thanks to Vitamin E helps reducing free radicals preventing the skin photoaging. * INCREMENTAL SPF: clinical studies have shown that after the first prod- uct application the sun protection is SPF 50. With the second application, after 10 minutes on the same area and under the same conditions, the SPF increases by 50%. With the third application, after 10 minutes on the same area and under the same conditions, the SPF increases by 90% compared to the first application


Stay mosquito bite free with this nifty shower gel because if you’re any- thing like us you’ll get bitten the minute you walk out of the shower before you’ve even had a chance to get your repellant on!! Contains MOSQUITO GUARDIAN a patented ingredient that ensures you stay bite free Contains MELANUP a patented ingredient which allows for the production of melanin without the need for sunlight Contains Mint for essential freshness Contains Neem Oil for its anti-bacterial and healing properties Contains AHA so that you’re all lovely and exfoliated.



T a k e c a r e o f y o u r s e l f a n d y o u r b o d y t h r o u g h o u r a c c u r a t e c o l l e c t i o n o f c o s m e t i c s

No Streaks, No Orange, No Odour. SUNPOP Self Tanning towelettes are the most innovative self tanning product to hit the market. The self contained, single use package con- tains a biodegradable towelette infused with an advanced self tan formula incorporating the Algo-Tan technology.

SUNPOP Self Tanning Towelettes


Each towelette provides a beautiful, streak free, no mess application while the formula leaves behind a natural looking, no orange, odor free, beautiful tan. Doublesided towlettes. Can be used on face & body. One towlette is enough for a full body. The effect is a natural tan.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Algotan ™, Green Tea, Aloe vera

All Tournesol Products are Paraben Free and suitbale for any skin type.

Shades: Medium- for fair to medium skin tone. Dark - for medium to dark skin tone.

Boxes of 5 & 10 units



P u t t h e g l a m i n t o y o u r g l o w

Glam Body Dark Body Tanning Mousse With Bronzer

On-The-Go Extra Dark Spray Tanning Lotion With Extra Bronzer

That ’so

That ’so

Golden Age Glowy Daily Usage Spray

Golden Beauty Semi Transparent Spray Tanning Lotion

Instant golden color | Hydrating properties | Does not leave spots | Easy application with a velvet mitt | Lasts for 4 days Instant Bronzer Intensity: Medium or Dark

Instant intensive tanning | Tan intensifies within 1hr after application | Hydrating & anti-aging | Bronzer effect | Lasts for 6 days | Ideal for medium to dark skintones

That ’so

That ’so

Halo of glow. Anti-aging, transparent, multi-position, moisturising tanning spray with firming and lifting effect. A natural way to reduce skin roughness and give the face a golden glow, which intensifies with regular use (daily application). Natural gradual tan effect that lasts for 2 days.

Multi-position, semi-transparent tanning spray. Moisturising, anti-aging and firming. | Doesn’t stay on white clothes | Develops between 2-3hrs after application. Lasts for 3 days. Instant Bronzer Intensity: Low

Perfume: Almond, CHerry & Vanilla

Perfume: Fresh & Glam

Size 150ml

Size 75ml

DHA 10% Extra Dark

DHA 6% Dark

DHA 10%

Perfume: Fresh & Glam

Perfume: Pure, Fresh & Ethereal

Size 75ml

Size 75ml

DHA 4%

DHA 2%

Glowy Gold Shimmering Luxury Oil

Gradual Tanning Moisturizer Tinted Body Lotion

That ’so

That ’so

On-The-Go Clear Clear Spray Tanning Lotion

On-The-Go Dark Spray Tanning Lotion With Bronzer.

Moisturizing light and luminous oil which immediately gives a shimmering com- plexion leaving the skin dry and not greasy. Enriched with Hemp Oil, an ingredient that nourishes and gives softness to the skin

Delicate instant touch of tan that illuminates the skin. Ultra-hydrating body lotion which gradually creates a natural, healthy looking tan to suit all skin tones that lasts for 2 days. Rich in Aloe, Pineapple extract and Vitamin E

That ’so

That ’so

Natural-looking golden tan | Intensifies within 3-4 hours | Doesn’t stain clothes | The color lightens gradually and evenly with normal skin regeneration. Multi-position, transparent, moisturizing and anti-aging tanning spray.

Spray tanning lotion with bronzer Instant golden brown color. Tan intensifies with- in 3-4hrs after application | Hydrating & anti-aging properties | Lasts for 4 days Instant Bronzer Intensity: Medium

Perfume: Jasmine & Amber

Instant Bronzer Intensity: Light Perfume: Blueberry, Lavander & Vanilla

Size 100ml

Size 75ml

Perfume: Almond, CHerry & Vanilla

Perfume: Almond, Cherry & Vanilla

DHA 2%

Size 125ml

Size 125ml

DHA 6%

DHA 6%

s e l f - t a n f o r m u l a t i o n o f f e r a n i n s t a n t u p g r a d e o n s t a n d a r d DHA t a n s



That’so Professional Tanning Solution Spray Tanning Solution for Tanning Machine


Instant bronzer | Develops in 4-6 hrs | Lasts up to 6 days | Natural Ingredients | No streaks | Natural Golden Color | Almond scented.

Size 1 Litre

4 different DHA:


10% 12% 14%

Spray Tanning Machine Mini System Top of line, Ultra Powerful Turbine with top feeder for tanning solution


Fast and safe | Compressor allows to apply solu- tion quickly and evenly | Top feeder gun prevents product waste | 75cc Gravity Teflon Coated Cup (3 oz) | 10ft lightweight whip hose.

Made in Canada | 24 Months warranty

14.4lbs (6.5 kg)

S p r a y T a n

Spray Tanning Machine Salon Tan Quietest & Most Powerful System


Noise cancelling technology Top feeder gun prevents product waste |

75cc Gravity Teflon Coated Cup (3 oz) | 10ft lightweight whip hose | non-bleed applicator | Stainless steel fluid components, Adjustable fluid control, Easy pull trigger and ergonomic Stay Cool Handle

Made in Canada | 24 Months warranty

That’So A tanning line that gives an instant bronzer for a natural looking golden colour. Contains hydrating properties with a pleasant almond scent. Will leave your skin soft, silky and moisturized with an intense and luminous tan. That ’so has the best colour payoff in the market, it fades gradually with skin regeneration. That ’so line is made in Italy.

23.2lbs (10.5 kg)



Fresh Start Self Tan Eraser

Tanning Tent Portable + Pop Up

Erases traces of self tan in under five minutes | No harmful ingredients | 3-4 days after applying self tan

Open clear top | Extraction Fan Opening | Carry bag | Sturdy Frame | Waterproof floor

Size 200 ml

Size 7x4x4’ 6’ door Color Bronze or Black

Tan Extender Scrub Exfoliating Gel

The ideal ki t for mobile or in-house spray tan service.

Mitt Velvet Mitt

That ’so

That ’so

Coconut, shell powder and arginine | Removes dead cells and impurities | Enhances tanning results.

Helps to evenly distribute the tanning mousse. Velvety soft.

Size 200ml

KIT #2 - 1 Fuji Machine Salon Tan (quiet machine) - 1 Foldable & Portable Tent - 2 Lites of Professional Solution - 1 On the Go Mousse - 1 On the Go Dark Spray - 1 Tanning Mitt - 1 Cocoa Brown Self Tan Eraser

KIT #1 - 1 Fuji Machine Mini System - 1 Foldable & Portable Tent - 2 Lites of Professional Solution - 1 On the Go Mousse - 1 On the Go Dark Spray - 1 Tanning Mitt - 1 Cocoa Brown Self Tan Eraser

Foam Nose Filters Disposable + Protector

Sticky Feet Disposable + Strapless

Disposable foam filters allow breathe-ability yet prevent the intake of the spray solutions.

Protect the soles of the feet during spray tanning sessions.

- 1 Hadaka BUTTERFUL Unscented big 8oz (for barrier cream) - 1 PreEmpt Spa Kit (1 Litre of RTU, 1 Litre of CS20, 1 - Soaker Box, 1 Sprayer, 1 Manual, 1 Tent Card) - Tanning Course Included

- 1 Hadaka BUTTERFUL Unscented big 8oz (for barrier cream) - 1 PreEmpt Spa Kit (1 Litre of RTU, 1 Litre of CS20, 1 - Soaker Box, 1 Sprayer, 1 Manual, 1 Tent Card) - Tanning Course Included

Color Beige

Color Pink or Black

P ack of 10



F o o t a n d H a n d C a r e

Gouni Starter Kit For Hygenic Foot Services

3 types of grits for all types of feet | Disposable grits, for a more hygienic service | Large usable surface | Water resistant | High-quality stainless steel foot paddle that is sterilisable and comfortable Starter Kit: 1 x Stainless Steel Paddle; 30pcs Ella Grits (10x#60; 10x#100; 10x#220)

Peeling Foot Care Sock type foot exfoliating mask

Box of Grits 100 pc, sizes: Coarse 60 Medium 100 Fine 220

A foot exfoliant plus treatment filled in a pair of wearable mask sheets. Put on the mask as you would your socks. It removes all calluses over time, visibly smoothing your feet within 2 weeks. Lemon, Apple, Grape and other natural botanical extracts remove calluses while Allantoin calms freshly exfoliated skin. Calluses start peeling off in 4 to 14 days after use. Nearly all calluses will be removed further 3 to 5 days depend- ing on the thickness. Includes 1 pair, one size fits most.

PodoSensé Oils For Nails & Cuticules

Cuticle Oils: A cuticle oil that regenerates, softens and treats your cuticles! A balanced blend of oils all equally performing with the addition of essential oils that will promote the health of your cuticles.

Bitter Almond & Cherry, a sweet-fruity smell, very pleasant!

The Twinkle Hand Pack Glove hand mask

Verbena & Lemon, a fresh, citrus lively perfume!

Super hydration and moisturizing hand pack-it helps to moiture & nutriton to the dried and rough hands. easy-treating homecare hand pack. Polyphenol extracted in wine is effective to prevent anti-aging and control active oxygen capability that will make you have twinkle hand. Calendula officinalis extract,butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil,squal- ane ingredients are giving enough nutrition, and moisture to the hands and nails(cuticles).

OnychoSensé: New treatment against mycosis!

SOLUTION Nails OnychoSensé© Ultra is a mix of essential oils that favor the elimination of mycosis which in turn gives new life to the health of your nails. With OnychoSensé, nails become white again and regain their aesthetic look. It should be used every day, morn- ing and night, on nails in need of treatment alongside a footbath with Apple Cider Vinegar Crystals for best results.

Designed to conveniently use smart devices while wearing the gloves

Natural ingredients help to recover moisture in hands. After using it for 1 or 2 times you can feel an improved texture on your hands. Heat-feeling will be effective to release stress and tired hands.

Size 15ml

Packaging may differ from image. Photo for showcasing purposes.

Includes 1 pair, one size fits most.





De c a d e n t b e a c h y a r o m a

HALO Hair Oil with Marula & Broccoli Seed Oil

Formulated with Marula Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil and Peppermint Oil. A multifunctional hair oil, targeting dry and damaged hair. It ’s lightweight, won’t leave your hair looking greasy or weighed down, recover the look of healthy hair and helps to control dandruff. Formulated with organic cold pressed Marula Oil and Broccoli Seed Oil, it acts as a natural silicon and will add noticeable shine to the hair. HALO is a multifunctional oil as it can be used as a hot oil treatment, deep conditioner, detangler, heat protec- tor or curl definer. It can also be used in scalp massage & as a leave-in moisturizer. With Vanilla and Sweet Orange oils, your hair will smell divine! Organic | All Natural | Highly Hydrating | Frizz-Free | Non-greasy Formula | Healing Properties

AURA Hair Perfume. KOKO Aroma


KOKO is a blend of coconut, sweet, salty and lustrous beach side aroma. This capturing scent will lure everyone close to you by the enchantment of this magical smell. Hair holds scent better than anywhere else on the body. Our ultra long-lasting formula not only makes you smell amazing all day long, it refreshes hair in-between washes too. AURA lasts up to 12 hours, conceals odors and is suitable for all hair types, hair extensions and wigs.

Watch Halo on

Size 10ml

T h e S h a m p o o s a k a H a i r b a t h


Clean , Pure, Beautiful

HYDRATING CREAM HAIRBATH A luxurious hydrating shampoo for thick, thirsty hair that strengthens hair from the inside out. Essential oils of sage and tamanu help balance oil for a healthy scalp while nourishing emollients soften and smooth the cuticle. Deeply hydrating yet lightweight, this silicone-free formula leaves hair bouncy, without residue. Best for thick, coarse and thirsty hair.

COLOR AWAKENING HAIRBATH Revitalize color treated hair with this color safe gentle cleansing shampoo. Crafted with coconut and pumpkin seed oils, shea but- ter and other emollient plant ingredients that enhance and protect color, delivering naturally clean, healthy and vibrant hair, without residue, dryness or fading. Best for medium textured, color treated hair or hair that is on the drier side.

Nature is at the center of Innersense Organic Beauty. We believe choosing clean, pure beautiful haircare is the smart, simple way to create a love story between you and your hair. Our products are crafted from certified organic plant ingredients your hair will love in luxurious formulations that deliver hydration, health, moisture, shine and protection only Mother Nature can provide.

Size 2oz, 10oz, 1L

Size 2oz, 10oz, 1L

PURE HARMONY HAIRBATH A gentle cleansing therapy to increase moisture Increase moisture with a gentle cleansing shampoo. Crafted from extracts of pumpkin seed, shea butter and coconut oils purify and cleanse while orange flower oil uplifts the senses. This sulfate-free formula perfectly balances hair, leaving it healthy and full of body, without residue or dryness. Best for fine to medium hair types.

REFRESH Dry Shampoo This foam to powder dry shampoo eliminates excess oil, builds body, creates texture and renews second day hair. Tapioca starch and witch hazel help pull oil, while Certified Organic honey adds body and imparts shine. Works well with all hair types and colors.

Watch and learn why Innersense is so great

Size: 2.37oz

Size 2oz, 10oz, 1L

T h e C o n d i t i o n e r s

S t y l i n g


HAIR LOVE PREP SPRAY A priming spray to provide optimal body, style retention and thermal care Prime and prepare hair with love. Vitamin B and rice protein restore strength and shine while plumping hair from roots to ends during styling. Baobab and angelica root provide care for thermal, UV and environmental exposure. Perfect for all hair textures.

I CREATE WAVES A Pink Himalayan salt spray to add texture and enhance waves. Create beautiful and touchable soft waves or bring lived-in curls back to life. Rich in minerals and ame- thyst crystal, this unique, hydrating Pink Himalayan salt spray adds texture and volume to the hair while aloe vera provides moisture to prevent parched ends. With Amethyst crystal with loving properties. Works well with all hair types.

COLOR RADIANCE DAILY CONDITIONER A nourishing conditioner to revitalize color Revitalize and nourish color treated and drier hair with this rich conditioning cream crafted with rice bran oil, aloe vera, avocado, emollient oils and flower essenc- es. Lightweight and build up-free, it moisturizes and strengthens hair while delivering energy and shine. Best for medium textures, color treated hair or hair on the drier side.

HYDRATING CFREAM CONDITIONER A luxurious hydrating conditioner for dry, thirsty hair. Maximize moisture with this emollient-rich, luxuri- ous conditioner. Certified Organic monoi oil and aloe strengthen the hair follicle, smooth cuticles and control frizz while orange flower oil delivers beautiful shine. This silicone-free formula leaves hair hydrated and naturally beautiful. Best for thick, coarse and curly hair.

Works well with all hair types.

Size: 2oz, 6.7oz

Enhances hair texture by giving fuller, more bouncy waves

Size: 2oz, 4oz

Size 2oz, 10oz, 1L

Size 2oz, 10oz, 1L

INNER PEACE WHIPPED CREME TEXTURIZER A styling cream to create hold, separation and texture Keep it separated with a lightweight texturizing creme formulated with certified organic shea butter and bee-friendly honey to condition while adding flexible definition to hair. This ultra-moisturizing, petroleum-free formula protects from humidity,


PURE INSPIRATION DAILY CONDITIONER A lightweight conditioner to increase moisture Increase moisture with this lightweight, detangling conditioner. Crafted with rice bran oil and aloe to strengthen and smooth the hair shaft while orange flower oil delivers beautiful shine. The silicone-free formula eliminates frizz, leaving hair hydrated and happy. Best for fine to medium hair textures.

SWEET SPIRIT LEAVE IN CONDITIONER A lightweight detangling spray to increase moisture Detangle and boost moisture with this lightweight leave-in conditioning spray infused with emollient oils, fragrant herbs, flower essences and a touch of bee-friendly honey to maintain body and manage- ability. Lavender adds a delicate, healing fragrance. Certified organic plant extracts leave hair free flowing and ready for any style. Works well with all hair types.

Create beautiful hair from roots to ends with this light- weight styler. Use to add texture, boost volume, define curls, shape and sculpt wet or dry hair or enjoy as a root

refresher between washes. Works well with all hair types.

eliminating frizz and flyaways. Works well with all hair types.

Gives hair strength and a silky texture. Brings fullness and man- ageability to even the finest hair. Leaves hair with beautiful bouncy volume.

Definition & Separation. Creates holding power .


Size: 2.37oz & 6oz.

Size 2oz, 10oz, 1L

Size 2oz, 10oz

S t y l i n g

T r e a t m e n t

QUIET CALM CURL CONTROL A styling lotion to shape and define curls

I CREATE HOLD A styling gel

HARMONIC HEALING OIL A treatment oil to increase moisture.

HYDRATING HAIR MASQUE A luxurious masque to repair and revitalize dry, coarse and damaged hair. Repair and restore dry, coarse and damaged hair with this rich treatment masque crafted with flax seed, shea butter, coconut and tamanu oils and quinoa to repair hair while delivering rich hydration and shine. Best for dry, thick, thirsty hair.

Hydrate and define curls, eliminate frizz and smooth textured hair with this styling cream crafted with a perfect blend of Certified Organic shea butter, rooibos tea and honey extract. A bouquet of Certified Organic orange flower oil and frangipani creates a

Achieve sustainable shape from roots to ends with this styling gel formulated with Certified Organic honey that acts as a natural resin, and rooibos tea for antioxidant rejuvenation. Nettle and rosemary extracts combine to add incredible shine and powerful hold. Best for medium to thick hair textures.

Raise the vibration with this sacred treatment oil formulated with a blend of emollient oils and flower essences, including sacred tamanu, evening primrose and macadamia oils. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. This luscious oil penetrates deep into the skin, scalp and hair to deliver hydration and nourish- ment. A high vibration treatment oil to nourish hair, skin and nails.

sense of peace and balance. Works well with all hair types.

Size 2oz, 10oz, 1L

Size 2oz, 10oz, 1L

Size 4oz

Size 1oz, 4oz

T r i o s

I CREATE VOLUME A volumizing lotion

I CREATE FINISH A versatile finishing spray that provides shine and hold Achieve manageable hold with this working hairspray formulated with Certified Organic honey that acts as a natural resin, and organic rooibos tea for antioxidant care. Aloe and rice proteins moisturize and strengthen every strand, leaving hair full and shiny. Works well with all hair types.

Turn up the volume from roots to ends with this volu- mizing lotion formulated with Certified Organic honey and aloe vera to bring fullness and manageability to even the finest hair. Rice amino acids and eucalyptus add moisture, improving expansion and shine. Works well with all hair types.

THE TRAVEL TRIOS The perfect way to try out a Hair Ceremony. HYDRATE TRAVEL TRIO: The Hydrate Trio is Collection 100% color safe. Perfect for dry, coarse and thirsty hair. Best for thick, coarse or curly hair. Includes: Hydrating Cream Hairbath, Hydrating Cream Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. COLOR TRAVEL TRIO: The Color Trio Collection is 100% color safe. Keeps color vibrant, healthy and hydrated. Best for chemically processed hair, works well with all hair types. Includes: Color Awakening Hairbath, Color Radiance Daily Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner PURE TRAVEL TRIO: The Pure Trio Collection is 100% color safe and perfect for fine to normal hair types. Includes: Pure Harmony Hairbath, Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner and Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner

Size 2oz, 10oz, 1L

Size 2oz, 10oz

Size 2oz

Ingredients straight from nature, grown organically and sustainably without chemicals. Cold-pressed, distilled or otherwise processed without synthetics to preserve purity Formulated free of phthalates, ethoxylates, sulfates, silicones, 1,4 dioxane, parabens, petro compounds, propylene and butylene glycol, PEG, MEA, TEA, MIA, EDTA artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances, Gluten-free, cruelty-free and non-GMO

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