2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS November 2016 Vol 3: Issue No. Seventeen Excellence Through Partnership


Soggy bottom! Y4 author bake


TASTING Year 4’s Roald Dahl themed work continued with an author inspired ‘bake off ’. Children were invited to make a special themed cake and the results were truly astonishing. Not only has the the year group shown great enthusiasm and ingenuity but the work will also be helping a very good cause. The fantastic inventions were sold after school and raised a fantastic £105.91. These funds are going to contribute towards buying and ma k i n g g i f t s f o r t h e r e s i d e n t s o f Beachcroft Nursing Home this Christmas. Year 4 will be working even harder to make someone else have a special day by taking these gifts and singing Christmas songs and carols. This is one of our ‘bucket list’ curricular experiences and well done to year 4. TOES As part of their celebrations topic, EYFS enjoyed a day of dance workshops based on Bhangra style dancing. They jumped aboard their magic carpets and flew to India where they learnt dance moves and put together amazing routines to Indian music.

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