2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS December 2016 Vol 3: Issue No. Twenty Excellence Through Partnership


Old fashioned! Seen and not heard



The children in Year 1 travelled back to the Victorian times, for the day. First, they were greeted by their teachers, who looked a bit different in their Victorian outfits, and lined up with the boys and girls separately. The first lesson encouraged the children to use their recently acquired bread- making skills, to work collaboratively, making a plaited loaf with their group. The loaves were soon demolished at the end of the day! Little Red Hen sprang to mind – “Who will help me eat the bread?” Next, the children had formal lessons of phonics, handwriting with chalk, and chanting the times tables (all sitting in rows). During the afternoon, children made a special Victorian card for their parents-something to look forward to at Christmas. The teachers enjoyed being super strict for the day and it all added to the Victorian experience. The children had lots of fun and were very respectful to their elders. MEDICINE When we had reached the magnificent Alexandra Theatre, to go and watch George's Marvellous Medicine, inside I felt overwhelmed before the play had even started. In the middle of the play a grumpy, mean grandma shot up like a soaring rocket through the roof. It was hilarious! Then in the interval we had our snacks and mine was delicious. In the second part of the show, George made the medicine for grandma as the granny had shrunk and we could hardly see her. Guilty, shocked and nervous, George felt guilt as his grandma had disappeared into thin air and his mom was so sad. Then we got the coach back to school and that was the end of our fabulous trip. By Jasleen Hayer 5S

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