2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS January 2017 Vol 3: Issue No. Twenty three Excellence Through Partnership


Science wonder! Y1 workshop

BOOM Year 1 enjoyed an afternoon of science fun launching their topic of famous scientists. Using a range of exciting apparatus and engaging experiments, the children learnt about a number of famous inventions and the scientists who came up with the ideas. Later in the term parents will be invited to a ‘be brave day’ where even more experiments will be unleashed. A great start to 2017!


On Christmas Eve's Eve, about twenty children from Abbey Junior and Infant’s choir and their families, went to King’s Community Church to sing at a community event. We sang four songs to do with Christmas. There was also singing from a band and other choirs. Afterwards we had a drink and a mince pie. A great end to 2016! Thank you Mrs Stidwell and Mrs Flanagan. We really enjoyed it! Thanks to Kiran’s Mom for the story. BLEIGIESSEN A fun New Year’s Eve tradition in Germany is for families to try to divine their fortune for the New Year, known as ‘Bleigiessen’, and involved lead pouring. This ancient form of divination, also known as Molybdomancy, has been used for 1000s of years in many cultures. Now it’s mostly just for fun, although there may be something to it. Originally, a small bit of lead or tin was melted, and then dropped in water. The form created by the metal is examined to determine the future. Some forms need you to be very open minded. Then, your fortune for the year is set. For instance, if the lead forms a ball (der Ball), it means luck will roll your way. The shape of an anchor (der Anker) means help is coming when you need it. KS2 had a very trying time in attempting this! http:// www.abbeyfederation.co.uk/new-year-traditions-the- german-custom-of-bleigiess/ shows our version.

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