2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS January 2017 Vol 3: Issue No. Twenty five Excellence Through Partnership


Evacuation! WW2 sleepover.

WAR TIME The day began by arriving at school, everyone dressed as an evacuee. The whole day involved WW2 activities including: penny up the wall, hopscotch, marbles (we lost a few), putting out fires (getting very wet in the process!) Following this, we used ‘Now press play’ which was a great audio experience all about being evacuated from home to the country. After lunch, we tried writing with an ink pen, which proved surprisingly difficult. We also experienced an air raid shelter using the boiler room. Here, the room was filled with the deafeningly loud sound of bombs and planes. We must have been there for fifteen minutes. After school we experienced a fantastic WW2 themed sleep over. Fish and chips were eaten by all and enjoyed the war time movie ‘Carrie’s War’ Thanks to Ethyn, Poppy and Claudia from 6V for the story and Kiyan in 6P [Ed - A huge ‘thank you’ to the Abbey crew who stayed, helped, supported and lost out on sleep! We couldn’t do it without you] SAND ART A big thank to everyone that came to the after school sand art activity. We raised £14 for the school hope to see you all again on the 23rd January.

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