2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS February 2017 Animal Magic! Cool visit Vol 3: Issue No. Thirty one Excellence Through Partnership



DRAYTON MANOR When we arrived at Drayton Manor zoo, we met a man called Lee, who told us which group we were in and which adults we were with. First we went to the cafe to place our lunch boxes. Our visit then started in the reptile house, where we saw a bearded dragon, three turtles and a yellow and green chameleon. Next was the Tasmanian Trail and we saw a red handed monkey (but it actually had yellow hands!) along with two monkeys, who were showing off their tricks. The tricks were swinging upside down and cartwheeling on the bars. Later in the day, we saw the owls including a snow owl and we saw a dinosaur exhibition. Other great animals included a lynx, fishing cat and an elegant black leopard. We thought the best bit of the day was the Discovery Centre with some amazing bones, skeletons, tusks and teeth. We also got to touch a bearded dragon and a cockroach. We also saw a dead dingo. We would give the trip a score of 10/10 and would recommend it to other children. Thanks to Amy Key & Sam Noruzi in Y2P. THINKTANK Year 1 have enjoyed an exciting trip to Birmingham’s Thinktank this week. The children took part in lots of hands-on investigations, exploring how our bodies work; how plastic is recycled; investigating water; role play as people who help us and much, much more. Not forgetting meeting one of the real Chitty Chitty Bang Bangs!! We were all exhausted after such a fun-filled day. Many thanks to our kind volunteers who helped to look after us on the day.

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