2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS October 2016 Vol 3: Issue No. Eleven Excellence Through Partnership


Dive bombed! Seagull attack.


I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDE I visited wonderful Weston last week with my class. I had the best time ever. First we played on the beach so we could wait for our turn to go on the bumpy donkey. There was one called Daisy, just spelt differently. After that, we built sand castles with our friends. We made a street! It was so much fun! While we were building, we were called to get a freezing cold ice cream. Then we had some hot, delicious chips. The seagulls attacked us for them! After that we enjoyed the walk up the long pier. Thanks to Daisy Taylor, 2H for the story. . MINI MARATHON Emily and Riley completed the mini marathon in Birmingham on Sunday, alongside some of their friends from school. They are pictured here with their friends who came to visit. They ran 1.5km and got a medal, and they still had the energy to cheer on the half marathon runners including their mum! They handed out sweets at the top of the biggest hill and made a lot of runners happy! Well done Emily and Riley.

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