2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS March 2017 Watch out Warhol! Grid greatness Vol 3: Issue No. Thirty four Excellence Through Partnership



CREATIVE DAY! Year 1 enjoyed a wonderful ‘Creative Day’ on Tuesday. The children copied pictures from a photograph of their toy, tried out the grid technique; traced and duplicated their picture and ended up with some fabulous Andy Warhol-inspired art work. They also followed their own design to make a musical instrument, just like David Bowie’s! Thank you to our parent volunteers throughout the day. We really appreciated your support. Our super art work will be framed and displayed in an art exhibition at school, later on in the term. CANOPY CAPERS As part of our rainforest topic, year 5 had a visit from Dave (an expert on rainforests) last week. He talked about all his experiences in rainforests and what he liked about them. After that, he got out two stick insects and let us look at them. Then he showed us some pictures of a man from a tribe that he had met, who had given him a present. The present was something called a blowgun - it is used in rainforests for hunting. The blowgun shoots poison darts at 150 miles per hour, when you blow out of it. He also played a nose flute, which makes the noise of a bird when you breathe through your nose. Then he showed us some clothes that people from tribes might wear. We met his tarantula next. David said that it was dangerous and left a silk web everywhere it walked. Most people in the room were scared of the tarantula! Once he had finished showing it to us, he told us a funny story about an orang-utan. Later, we did some activities. First we drew some insects from rainforests using different pencils. We then got to handle the animals that we had seen in the morning. Some people loved to touch the spider; others didn’t dare to. Smooth and silky, slippery and scaly, the milk snake slithered around David’s hand as we felt it. The last thing we held was a millipede. Finally we made a rainforest necklace, with Hama Beads and feathers. Thanks to Scout (5M) for the story.

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