2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS March 2017 Round the Wrekin! Residential fun Vol 3: Issue No. Thirty five Excellence Through Partnership



Y4 AWAY FROM HOME On Monday we went to Edgmond Hall, exploring the super building. When we arrived, we were taken on a tour in four different groups. Every corner we turned, it looked fantastic! We went to our dormitories. They looked lovely too. Everyone unpacked. The boys and the girls had two dormitories each. Everyone went on their first adventure. It was freezing! My hands felt like they were going to fall off. The food was great and everyone enjoyed it. Yum! The next day we all went and had our first ever breakfast at Edgmond. We all went and did different activities in different groups for the whole week. There were loads of fun challenges and games. On the last day it was Belle’s and Jana’s birthdays which was a lovely end to the week. It was the best trip yet. Everyone should go and I would highly recommend it.

Thanks to Phoebe in 4P for the story

[Ed - Other activities included a campfire; 5 mile hike; giant games; re-creation of the story of the Minipins in the woods; shelter building; dream catchers and fire making. Much more information cane be found on our web-site http:// www.abbeyfederation.co.uk/edgmond-hall-2017/]

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