2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS March 2017 F2F ! Every Little Helps. Vol 3: Issue No. Thirty six Excellence Through Partnership


FARM TO FORK When we arrived we entered the 'Staff only' room. We felt like VIPs. We got to go behind the scenes in the bakery and had a guided tour of the rest of the supermarket. We got to have lots of different food samples - hot cross buns, a selection of cheese and a variety of fruit. We even went in the freezer. It was minus 25 degrees! But by the time we got back to school, we had tasted so much food that we could hardly eat our lunch! 'I had such an exciting time!’ Thanks to Miss Vance for the story. KEEP ON RUNNING Ben Whitelaw and Matthew Sanchez ran 5k, on Saturday at Cannon Hill Park, to help raise money for refugees. Both boys ran really well. Here's a picture of them at the start of the race with their families. Thanks to Matthew’s Mum for the story. GOING FOR GOLD On Sunday 12th March, Seth Allen in 2PB competed in the West Midlands gymnastics ‘George Finney Championships’ in Stoke. He won an individual bronze medal for ‘floor and vault’ and his team of five boys, from Revolution Gymnastics, won team Gold! Well done Seth. Thanks to Seth’s Mum for the story.

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