2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS March 2017 Peter and the wolf ! Orchestral beauty Vol 3: Issue No. Thirty seven Excellence Through Partnership


INSTRUMENTAL The Birmingham Conservatoire of Music presented their own ‘World Premiere’ of Peter and the Wolf. Each of the musicians were dressed as their character, and the music was lovely. The children were engaged and listened well. The wolf was very tall and very scary with his french horn, but he got what he deserved in the end. The musical instruments were: flute (bird), obey (duck), French horn (wolf), drums ( hunter), bassoon (granddad) violin (Peter) and clarinet (cat). It was a joy. Thanks to Miss Rockett for the story RAINFOREST When we first entered Chester Zoo it was like a crazy experience because of the loud noises. It kind of threw us! To get through the desk, we had to wear orange pass stickers. Two highlights included the lions, lionesses who roared when whistled to. Back at school, we followed up with a visit of tropical animals. The snakes actually tightened around our necks - not trying to kill us but to get all of our warmth. Finally, we watched the new Jungle Book movie. It was great! Thanks to Shimah & Finn in Y5. CAT-TASTIC I feel like (realistic) cats are quite easy to draw because once you get the basics down, you can pretty much draw every breed. With dogs, every breed has a different face so it’s hard because there are lots of different types. I was mainly inspired to draw cats because of my favourite book series - Warrior Cats. Thanks to Anoushka Saint John from 6P

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