2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS September 2016 Vol 3: Issue No. Five Excellence Through Partnership


Walk like an Egyptian Long day to the past

BRITISH MUSEUM On Friday 16th September Yr5 went to the British Museum in London. I was nervous because I had to get up early and I was worried I would be late. I got up at 4:30am and went to school at 5:40am. Mr Edwards was waiting to help us. It took us 5 hours to get to London and we were all tired when we got in the museum. Year 5 are learning about Ancient Egypt so we went to look at the mummies and tombs. We saw a person lying in the sand, who was 3,000 years old and still had skin and hair. We also looked at some tombs and there were actual people inside but you couldn’t see them. We saw some ancient pots and artefacts and listened to the lady talking about mummification in the theatre. I was extremely tired after a long day but I had a great time! Thanks to Lara Eaton 5S for the story. RED BELT Bilal Alami in 1DW has great news to share. He has been taking part in Kickboxing for exercise and he has now achieved his red belt. What a great achievement - well done Bilal. Thanks to Bilal’s Dad for the story.


Role: PE & Extended Schools Development Officer Favourite cartoon character: Rupert the Bear.

IPOD music: Stevie Wonder. Watch again film: Home Alone. Munch of choice: Salt & Vinegar crisps. Rainy day book: Silver Sword. Often heard saying: Brilliant. Superhero of choice: Batman. Horoscope/Chinese Year: Pisces & Dragon. Don’t want to meet: The Joker. Take a break: Play Football.

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