2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS June 2017 Parking Patrol! Making school safer Vol 3: Issue No. Fifty Excellence Through Partnership




Last Wednesday, the Abbey PCSO team met with our local police officers; PC Jo and PCSO Jayne and took part in a 'School Safe Parking Patrol' exercise. The purpose was to remind our parents and carers about safe parking near our school. PC Deakin shared the 'official warning' documentation with the children and guided them through how to complete it. Each child was given a clip board with documentation attached. Then PC Jo set rules on how to approach parents and carers and the reasons for this included: unsafe parking, non-compliance with the laws of the road - such as parking on double yellow lines; parking on the zig-zag lines; parking in the middle of the road and not using seat belts or car seats. Teams were created with two or three children and alongside an adult and they set up positions on the roads near our school. During the activity the children issued around 8 'official warning' letters and there were lots of verbal reminders and conversations with adults. Many parents acknowledged their mistake and responded well to the advice. One parent, after receiving the official paper work, promised not to park without due care in future. Two parents parked in the middle of the junction to collect passengers. Both were advised that this was unsafe practice. Another parent, who stopped on the double yellow lines responded, 'I am only waiting here for my child', he was advised that he was on yellow lines and asked to move his car to a safe collection point. Following a successful activity, the Junior PCSOs will complete this on a regular basis. So please warn your friends and families because they are a fearsome bunch!

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