2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS June 2017 Forest forever! Application of skills opportunity Vol 3: Issue No. Fifty two Excellence Through Partnership



Last week, year 6 participated in a woodland ‘Forest School’ experience led by Mr Pogson on the KS1 site. The amazing activity began with a brief safety talk and a tour of the grounds, we then split into three groups and took it in turns to do different tasks. The first was lighting a fire with flint and steel, piece of paper, magnifying glass, a knife, cotton wool and pencil. The other tasks were to make a waterproof den and create a 3D natural art work. At the very end, one of the class teachers announced the winners of each task, the group who had the most wins were declared the overall ‘kings of the jungle’. The day required a lot of teamwork, co-operation, support and contribution amongst ourselves. Thanks to Ethyn and Claudia in 6V for the story. SUMMER FUN Our summer fair is creeping closer…we’d love you to help. Please drop us an email if you can lend a hand before the event in preparation, at the event on a stall or in any other way you can.

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