2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS June 2017 Zoo-stravaganza! Dudley in the sun Vol 3: Issue No. Fifty three Excellence Through Partnership



CLASSIFICATION With temperatures reaching 30 degrees, what a better week to visit Dudley Zoo! To support our Topic and Science learning, the children took part in a Classification workshop. Here, the children were able to handle a few animals including a cockroach. Children and adults included, had a fantastic day seeing many different animals, small and large. For some, a sandwich sitting in the sun by the castle was all too much! A quick power nap was needed to continue the path back down. All in all, a great day - a huge thank you to volunteers who came with us. Your help was much appreciated. Thanks to Mrs Kaur for the story. LITTER BUGS PCSO Jayne and Angela from Tipton Litter Watch spoke about the damage that litter does to our community. She explained that it takes 2 weeks for an apple core to decompose - 5 - 10 years for a plastic crisp packet to decompose and 2, 000 years for a glass bottle to decompose. During this time our environment becomes polluted and animals are injured. She encouraged the children to help her make a difference and take pride in the environment in which they live. Our children were set a task to litter pick in the school playground and in the garden area, directly outside of the school. The children sadly found lots of rubbish on the school playground, namely sweet and crisp packets. On the path leading to the garden, the children found lots of cigarette ends. Angela suggested that she could help us source cigarette bins to discourage the litter on the floor. At the end of the session, the children put together their rubbish bags and we all agreed that there was a lot of rubbish!

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