2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS June 2017 Graduation! Feel the force Vol 3: Issue No. Fifty four Excellence Through Partnership




On 22nd June 2017, our children had their Abbey Junior PCSO Graduation Assembly. They really did have a great experience and were joined by their parents and carers. PCSO Jayne Evans, PC Jo Deakin and Sgt. Gary Capewell, from Smethwick and Oldbury Police force visited the school. They awarded certificates and uniforms to the children for their hard work during the 6 week training programme. They complimented our pupils on their conduct and commitment, and said that they'd all been amazing on the Junior PCSO programme. Sincerely, they added that it had been a pleasure to work with the children at our school. We are looking forward to developing the team and we can't wait to get some of the children's fantastic ideas started, which include: regular Safer Parking Patrols; Litter Watch Buddies - taking care of their environment in partnership with classmates; collaboration with the Friendship Buddies to prevent bullying; tackle friendship issues and support at school events, such as performances and the Summer Fair. We are looking forward to working with the children during their term of office and will support them in their PCSO duties from June 2017 to June 2018. If any children are interested in becoming a Junior PCSO from June 2018 until June 2019, applications for this will start in April 2018.

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