2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS July 2017 Salaat! Sharing prayer Vol 3: Issue No. Fifty nine Excellence Through Partnership



MUTUAL RESPECT Year One have enjoyed a trip to a Mosque in Cradley Heath. We peered out of the minibus windows to see who could spot the iconic dome and minarets first. When we arrived, the Iman took us to the wash room, where he demonstrated the practice of ‘wudu’ (washing before prayer). Rais was proud to join in, under the Iman’s guidance. We walked up the lovely, cool marble staircase to the prayer room, where the Iman talked to us about the 5 pillars of Islam, which we have been learning about during our R.E lessons. Children were excited to talk about the recent celebration of Eid and the Iman described how charity is given through the duration of Ramadan, to the poor or less fortunate. This was an important trip for several reasons. The images of significant artefacts and practices that the children have seen on PowerPoints and video clips, were brought to life in a real experience. Staff at Abbey are proud of the school’s ‘British Values’ ethos, celebrating the diversity of our community and developing understanding and respect towards others. We have visited a church, a Gurdwara and a Mosque this academic year and feel that these visits help to educate our children, towards creating greater tolerance and understanding of different religions. A big thank you to our kind volunteers and well done to the children for their excellent behaviour.


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