2016-17 - A year in review

BBEY LENS July 2017 Pow, Crash, Zap! Comic workshop Vol 3: Issue No. Sixty Excellence Through Partnership




Y6 invited parents and carers to an Inspire workshop designing and creating props for our leavers’ production. We used constantino folds to create the effect of 3d artwork in the style of Lichenstein. As well as paints, different types of card, paper, glue and scissors were used. They took a while to create but the end products looked absolutely fantastic. We are all looking forward to our superhero play -Superstan! Thanks to Anna, Claudia, Ella and Jemma in 6V for the story. BODY WORKS Year 5 invited parents and carers in to school to take part in a ‘let’s do it day’. As we are coming to the end of our topic, ‘Body Works’, we wanted the children to show off, in a creative way, all that they had learnt. The task was to recreate the main organs of the human body onto an apron. Not only did everyone have to remember where everything went, they also had to present it creatively, by sewing, using felt and drawing using fabric pastels. It became quite competitive, including (between) the adults! The children had a lovely afternoon and enjoyed sharing their knowledge with their families. Their aprons turned out brilliantly and they have created a memory to hold on to. Well done Year 5 children and grown-ups! Thanks to Miss Monk for the story. GARDEN GANG Our Friends of Abbey have been grafting again, helping to transform an outdoor learning space in KS1. The results are fabulous and we are very grateful to the Loones (Becky, Susan & Paul) and Mike Allen for their time, energy and enthusiasm. Abbey really needs a boost, from a wider group of parents, to support our Friends of Abbey PTA. Everyone is a member automatically and we are very grateful for any help from 10 minutes to 10 hours. Our PTA are amazing but there is a danger that the group will collapse if we can’t successfully get more hands to help. If you can give a little time, please drop us an email, come to a FOA meeting or pop and have a chat.

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