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1 5 Things That Set Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics Apart

2 Learn About Your Gut-Brain Axis 2 3 Ways to Decrease Phantom Limb Pain

3 Improving Your Range of Motion 3 Classic Roast Chicken

4 Tell Your Story and Share Your Wisdom

Do You Have a Story to Tell? Share Your Wisdom

The urge to leave behind a legacy is an inherent human instinct. Whether you accomplish this by raising children, building a successful company, or starting a charitable

Even more so, your life experiences can give valuable insights to readers of all ages and circumstances. That’s why biographies and memoirs are such popular genres — reading about real people helps others understand the world and how they can live in it. To get started, pick a theme. Ask yourself these questions, “What message do I want to leave with my readers? What do I want them to feel or understand by reading my words?” From there, select anecdotes that support your theme. Make sure they’re clear and cohesive. Then, write like you would a fictional novel or story. Show, don’t tell, and keep readers invested by having a narrative arc, whether it flows chronologically or jumps back and forth in time. Remember, this is not a time to air dirty laundry; it’s a time to reflect, grow, and share your experiences with the world.

organization, the desire to share your wisdom should not go unfulfilled. If none of these

options work for your lifestyle, writing a memoir may be a good option. A memoir

not only tells your story but also passes on the wisdom you’ve gained from your many experiences and offers a unique perspective to inspire future generations. Writing can be a therapeutic exercise at a time when your life may be changing due to retirement or your kids growing up and leaving the house. And because personal reflection is a natural occurrence with age, writing a memoir can be the perfect way to spend your time. As you gain enough distance from life events to grow useful perspectives, the stage is set for self-discovery and transformation.


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