NSLHD News October 28

From Innovation to the Bedside

In 2018, the Carer Support Service delivered Carers @ the Bedside lime green recliners and other resources across our LHD. The project, which commenced with two recliners in the orthopaedic wards, has now rolled out to every hospital across the NSLHD, with the concept soon to be taken up by other LHDs.

Barbara Lewis from NSLHD Carer Support says the Carers @ the Bedside project is aimed at improving the experience of Carers who stay overnight to help care for their family members who have a cognitive impairment or are at the end of life. “Our program aims to ensure that Carers are recognised, respected and valued as our Partners in Care,” she said. “It’s about including Carers and enabling them to support and assist us in the care of their loved one.” The Carer Support Service undertook an interim review in January this year and found there were a range of issues with the smooth functioning of the project. As a result, they now have a dedicated Carer Support Officer working on the project. For assistance, please contact Pip Bernauer on 9462 9721 or email NSLHD-Carers@health.nsw.gov.au

Program Successes

Staff Feedback included: • 98% staff feel the program improves patient quality care • 97% staff feel Carers staying at bedside reduces falls risk and improves communication especially for NESB and patients with intellectual disability Anecdotal Carer feedback included: • Carers feel more included in collaborative care and discharge planning • Carers feel respected and identified as important in the support and wellbeing of the patient

2019 RNS Survey Data

The Carer Support Service also offers regular ward in-services to educate staff about the Carers @ the Bedside program, and can assist staff in learning how to identify and engage with Carers.

● ● ● "It was helpful for my husband and the staff for me to be at his bedside whilst he recovered from surgery. He was disoriented, unsettled and quite cranky with the nurses. I could also help him communicate as he didn't seem to be understanding English. I could tell him when they were going to give an injection, or medications and help calm him." ● ● ●

● ● ● “This model of supporting Carers should be across the state. My daughter's had a lot of hospitalisations. When we were in another childrenʼs ward there was a mattress on the floor but this is the first time in an adult hospital I have been able to stay ‒ it meant I was able to see the doctors, check on progress and we came home earlier than expected.” ● ● ●

The NSLHD Carer Support Service Telephone: 9462 9488 Website: www.nscarersupport.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/NSLHDcarersupport/

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