9NMRS2-9NMRS24-Wood-Backed Acrylic Mirror



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Inspect the entire unit immediately after you take it out of the box. If there is any concealed damage, please contact us immediately at 800-467-6222 to report. You only have 5 days to report damage for replacement or refund.

Take time to familiarize yourself with the equipment, each component, and the recommended maintenance of this equipment before using or engaging any person with it. Please file this instruction sheet in an accessible location; this sheet must be read by and not alluded to anyone who is supervising or using TFH Equipment.

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1. The mirror must first be pre-drilled. 2. Leave the plastic or paper film on the mirror until the mounting is completed. 3. The flatter the surface you start with the less distortion you will have when finished. 4. DRILL. You will need to use a 7/32 drill bit to drill the holes. There should be six holes drilled; 1 in each corner (2” from the side and 2” from the top/bottom), the other 2 should be drilled half way up the mirror and 2” from the side. When drilling the holes, lay the mirror on a flat surface that can be drilled into. DO NOT HANG MIRROR OVER A FLAT SURFACE TO DRILL, THE MIRROR WILL


All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all times.


CRACK. It will be helpful if you have an assistant help you hold the mirror in place when marking the locations of the holes. Use an awl or similar item to push into the holes and mark the wall for drilling. 5. INSTALL the proper anchor in the wall (not included). After drilling and installing the anchors in the wall, have an assistant hold the mirror in place once more and install the appropriate hardware for your wall. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN; THE MIRROR WILL CRACK IF OVERTIGHTENED. 6. After the mirror has been hung you can remove the plastic or paper film. CLEANING: The mirror can be cleaned with vinegar & water solution & a very soft cloth.


W: 36" x H: 72" Weight: 55 lb.

W: 24" x H: 72" Weight: 50 lb.

Safety Precautions - The safety of your clients is dependent on the appropriate choice of activity to match yet challenge their physical abilities. Use appropriate spotting / safety techniques. In addition, the layout of your activity area, proper installation and maintenance of your equipment is critical. TFH equipment is not intended for general recreational use. Under no condition should this equipment be used without proper supervision. This sheet is for example only. It is not meant to, in any way, replace local, State, or Federal standards. Be aware - it is your responsibility to find all pertinent safety information that pertains to your facility.

All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all times.


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