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Esko President Mattias Byström opened the event with a speech outlining the current landscape of the sector, explaining how Esko is constantly developing new technology to meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry. Byström spoke of the challeng- es facing the sector; from increasing regulation on a worldwide scale to the ever-growing variation in colors and physical media being demanded. Byström showed how these challenges represent an opportuni- ty for growth, with Esko focused on enabling ‘packag- ing heroes’ who can uphold trust in their companies’ capabilities and thereby in the entire packaging value chain to drive the industry forward.

During Byström’s morning presentation, he honored five individuals for their contributions to the industry: • Design Manager Hero : Angela Clinefelter, Senior Brand Design and Packaging Manager at Kimberley Clark; • Prepress Specialist Hero :Bill Lawrence,Automation Systems Manager at Southern Graphic Systems; • Brand Leader Hero : Frank Goddiess, Director of Packaging Systems at Colgate; • Prepress Leader Hero : Marybeth Foss, Director of Prepress for Fortis Solutions Group; and • Structural Packaging Designer Hero : Scott Harris, Senior Structural Design Lead at Bennett Packaging. The three-day event featured more than 70 speak- ers, including Mark Johnson, a Grammy winner, film director and motivational speaker; and Ryan Baysa, the Structural Packaging Designer and Lab Lead at Lumi. (Cont’d on Page 13) Members of the Esko management team answer questions at the EskoWorld press conference (from left), Mattias Bystr ö m, President; Stephen Kaufman, Chief Product Officer, Brand Owner; Pascal Thomas, Director Flexo Business; Bernard Zwaenepoel, VP Software Business; Chris Miller, VP North America; Danielle Sauve, VP Marketing; and Stephen Kaufman, Chief Product Officer, Brand Owner.

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