the existing shoreline fishing that already takes place. Improvement of the docking area, including better boat-trailer parking and realignment of the boat launch ramp are also recommended. Development of an urban beach area along a shoreline section of Confederation Park is another suggestion in the report, with an adjacent on-the-water activities area suitable for paddleboat or canoe rentals. A limited amount of commercial activity that supports seasonal tourism is also sug- gested, in the form of temporary concession stands or designated food truck sites. One key future development recommenda- tion in the report is a boardwalk connection from Hawkesbury’s downtown area across the narrow strait to the Confederation Park area of Île du Chenail. Complementing the boardwalk connection would be pedestrian walk circling along the park shoreline. More work Parts of the shoreline of Île du Chenail, the report noted, suffer from erosion and seasonal spring flooding, and there are “significant fish habitats located around the entire shoreline of Confederation Park” that need protection as part of any future community and tourism enhancement of the area. The report recommended that council and administration look at “quick win” small- scale enhancements for Île du Chenail, like LED lighting to highlight some of the existing features of the area while working on a long- term development plan. Such a plan would include engineering studies for shoreline stabilization to reduce or eliminate erosion, and also for creating and maintaining an urban beach area. Environmental assess- ments on fish habitats and other natural feature attractions are also recommended.

Hawkesbury town council has a lot to digest from a consultant’s report on the possible future for the Île du Chenail and Confederation Park. Sierra Planning and Management pre- sented council with its 25-page summary report of the results of last autumn’s in- tensive review, including comments and recommendations from a public consultation process, on the possible future for all of the recreational and cultural facilities on the Île du Chenail. The goal of the review was to develop a general concept plan to aid the municipal with later decisions regard- ing improvement of existing facilities like Confederation Park on Île du Chenail, and developing new facilities. The consultant’s document noted that the draft concept plan presented is just the start of what would be a long-term process for enhancing and adding to the recreational and cultural features of Île du Chenail. “The concept plan presented within this report represents a high-level illustration of what is imagined as a long-term vision for Confederation Park (Île du Chenail),” stated the report. “The concept plan will need to be further refined through a schematic and detailed design process.” Attractive features The report noted the strongest and most attractive features of Île du Chenail are Con- federation Park, the Chenail Cultural Centre, and the small boat launch and docking area on the west side of the island. Some of the proposed ideas for future enhancement of Île du Chenail include expanding the marine attraction of the island to include an angler’s area, including opportunities for dock fishing that would complement

A consultant’s report on Île du Chenail has given Hawkesbury council a great of information and ideas to digest regarding the future recreational and cultural development potential of the area, which includes Confederation Park. —photo Gregg Chamberlain




Fake “miracle cures” are also common fraud attempts, alleging herbal remedies or immediate testing and diagnosis of COVID-19 infection may be available. Offers of quick delivery of cheap hand sanitizer or sterile masks or other protective gear are also common. Standard schemes tailored to the pan- demic situation include phony demands from utility companies for bill payments. These come with threats to disconnect phone ser- vice, electricity, or cease providing heating oil or natural gas during the pandemic period. The fake Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scam also continues, with victims threatened with jail or legal action if they do not provide immediate payment through an online ac- count of an outstanding income tax debt. The CRA does not email or phone citizens about delinquent accounts or demand online payments. The OPP reminds residents to be wary of any “too good to be true” offers or of any emails or phone calls about overdue ac- counts which include a demand for personal identification or bank or credit card details as part of the payment option.

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Police warn about con artists still trying to take advantage of public fears during the pandemic. The OPP reminds residents that fraud routines related to the COVID-19 situation are becoming more common. “Fraudsters are attempting to take advantage of these times,” states an OPP information brief, “and are attempting to profit from consumer fear, uncertainty, and misinformation.” Criminals, both individuals and members of organized crime, continue using traditional scams to either trick victims into paying for unwanted, unnecessary, or fake goods and services. They are also developing new fraud schemes aimed at exploiting the pandemic situation. Some of these scams include fake offers from alleged government, healthcare, or research groups for COVID-19 information and protection, unwanted and unsolicited phone calls, emails or text messages of- fering medical advice. There are also fake charity requests for money to help with product supply programs or research.


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