The Livewell Collective - March 2020

MARCH 2020


WOMEN OF O2 I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers by saying this, but as a business owner, I have to call things as I see them. Women, on average, punch well above their paygrade in the workplace. In fact, we guys have to step it up. I only have to look to my own team to recognize this. Over the years, I’ve found that the women we’ve brought onto our team have generally outperformed men in virtually every role — we have some rock-star dudes on our team, and they’d agree with me. So, what better time to shout out some of these amazing members of the O2 family than during Women’s History Month? Brittany Garrett was our very first brand ambassador all the way back in 2014. She worked at the gym where I coached, and I could tell she had the hustle our fledgling company was looking for. As we grew, we were able to bring her on as a full-time member of our team back in 2017. She’s proven an incredible partner in crime, living and breathing the tenets of the fitness biz. As our sales manager, she’s trained a team of badass women who will run through walls to get the job done. Meanwhile, Sarah Browning, our VIP customer service manager, is a titan of personal and professional strength. She’s the one who gets back to folks the same day to solve whatever issues our subscribers may have. Sarah manages to maintain her laser focus on these issues even as her little girl, Harper, clambers all over her. As someone who’s yet to experience being a parent, I can only imagine the kind of patience and discipline she exudes every day. Needless to say, we’re lucky to have her. In fact, that whole notion that having families somehow takes women’s focus out of the workplace is a load of BS. Most of our staff have children between the ages of 3–5 and can still outperform single men in their field. It’s time to leave dated stereotypes like that in the past and cut them out of the way we make business decisions.

As someone whose own mother has been — and still is — a successful small- businesswoman, I’ve

always believed in giving women a fair shake in the workplace. Starting O2 has only strengthened my convictions

on this point. In fact, if it were up to me, men would probably be the ones making 75 cents on the dollar, not the other way around.

I’m mostly kidding on that last point — we want hiring and promotion at O2 to be 100% merit-based. But we also love hiring people with big chips on their shoulder — fighters who have something to prove to the world. Thanks to those CEOs who still undervalue and underpromote the women in their business, plenty of talent in the professional world is just itching to prove their former bosses wrong. This is especially true in the fitness world. We have a long history playing to only the masculine demographic, and many past attempts to depict women in fitness have been, well ... let’s just call it less than empowering. We as an industry have made these missteps and missed out on a huge portion of the market, largely because we refused to let women have a place in marketing meetings and leadership roles. I’m proud that O2 has leaned into a more open, inclusive brand image. It’s something that simply wouldn’t be possible without the women on our team.

Cheers to you,

–Dave Colina Founder, O2


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