2023 Summer Program Guide


Rules of the Road • AGES 50 AND UP The Secretary of State, in cooperation with the Naperville Park District, offers Rules of the Road classes for anyone who is age 50 and over. These free classes are designed to help you pass your Illinois driver’s license renewal examination. The classes update you on the current rules of the road and prepare you for the general written and road sign examinations. Although this program is free, registration is required. (lmo) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N ARRCC Classroom 206 • 305 Jackson Ave. 84246 Jul 27 Th 1:30-3:30 pm Free Senior Archery • AGES 50 AND UP If you have never shot a bow and arrow before, or it has been several years since you have, then this is the class for you! This is a beginner introduction to archery and archery safety. USA Archery-certified instructor Jim Chelsvig will teach USA Archery National Training System methods (NTS). Learn proper shooting form to help you meet the goals for advancing your skills, as each new session will bring new challenges. All equipment and supplies are provided. Please do not wear loose fitting shirts or dangly earrings, long hair should be tied back and necklaces need to be tucked inside the shirt. Be prepared to be in the sun so a hat, sunglasses and water are suggested. There are some benches nearby but you also may bring a folding chair if you need to take a break in the shade. Participants must wear closed-toe shoes and be able to lift 20-25 lbs. with their dominant hand. (lmo) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N Sportsman’s Park Clubhouse & Range • 735 S. West St. 84517 Jun 3-Jul 1 Sa 7:45-8:45 am $82/$112 84518 Jul 8-29 Sa 7:45-8:45 am $82/$112 84519 Aug 5-26 Sa 7:45-8:45 am $82/$112 Senior Kung Fu • AGES 50 AND UP Senior Kung Fu is designed for the active older adult looking for a fun way to improve balance, coordination and flexibility while learning traditional exercises and Chinese martial art routines and techniques in a relaxed atmosphere. Although self-defense may be discussed, the program is for personal enjoyment and is not intended to be competitive or aggressive. Take a break from your busy life and make Kung Fu your new hobby! (lmo) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N ARRCC Community Hall • 305 Jackson Ave. 83722 Jun 6-Jul 18 Tu 9:15-10:15 am $78/$108 83723 Jul 25-Aug 29 Tu 9:15-10:15 am $78/$108

Senior Mental Health & Wellness • AGES 30 AND UP NEW REGISTRATION IN PROGRESS Discover what “normal” mental health is as we age and the signs and symptoms that there is an issue needing to be addressed. Learn about crisis and non-crisis resources, Adult Protective Services, elder abuse and domestic violence warning signs, how to “get up and get out” and what to expect after a police contact. Presentation provided by Ali Smith, Naperville Police Department Social Worker. Although this is a free presentation, registration is required. (lmo) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N ARRCC Community Hall • 305 Jackson Ave. 80301 May 30 Tu 2:00-3:00 pm Free Senior Stretch • AGES 50 AND UP Most exercise classes include stretching during warmup and cool down, but what about an entire class dedicated to this important activity? Stretching is vital for seniors and allows for greater movement in joints while improving overall posture in addition to releasing muscle tension and soreness, reducing the risk of injury. It also may help increase circulation, muscle control and improve balance and coordination. This 30-minute class, taught by Cecilia Floyd-Carruthers, covers stretching exercises from head to toe in a seated position as well as standing, using a chair for balance. Please bring water for hydration and wear gym shoes with good support. Intermediate students need to bring their own mat. The instructor will determine if you are ready to be upgraded to intermediate status. In order to participate in the Senior Stretch class, you must be mobile and able to support yourself without assistance. (lmo) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N ARRCC Community Hall • 305 Jackson Ave. 83850 Jun 3-Jul 15 Sa 9:00-9:30 am $30/$45 83851 Jul 29-Aug 26 Sa 9:00-9:30 am $35/$53 Sneaky Sodium and Clean Eating • AGES 50 AND UP NEW Learn to tame your salt habit while gaining facts about sodium and the effects of consuming too much. Discover clean eating and the simple steps to help clean up your diet by avoiding processed foods. Presentation provided by Humana. Although this is a free presentation, registration is required. (lmo) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N ARRCC Community Hall • 305 Jackson Ave. 83852 Jun 14 W 1:30-2:30 pm Free Social Security Planning for Boomers • AGES 50 AND UP REGISTRATION IN PROGRESS After years of being told that Social Security is “going broke,” baby boomers are realizing that it will soon be their turn to collect. The decisions made now can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits received over a lifetime. This informative seminar covers the basics of Social Security and reveals strategies for maximizing benefits. Learn how to minimize taxes on Social Security benefits and how to coordinate Social Security with your other sources of retirement income. Presentation provided by Pulse Financial Services. Although this is a free presentation, registration is required. (lmo) CODE DATE DAY TIME R/N ARRCC Craft Room 205 • 305 W. Jackson Ave. 82341 May 15 M 1:00-2:30 pm Free

Stay active. Stay Focused. Stay you. Renew Active® is the gold standard in Medicare fitness programs for the body and mind. Fort Hill Activity Center WELCOMES

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