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May, 2020



WithMother’sDay just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to highlight one of our newest and most unique programs: our pelvic health program.

interest in heading a pelvic health program, and immediately stepped up to the role. In fact, she is even taking the next step in her training to provide patients with even more treatment options! Read her insert inside to see all of the various conditions she treats. At the end of the day, there is a NEED for pelvic health practices – patients will even fly across states for treatment! Our goal is to make this programas proficient andeffective for our patients as possible. We are happy to say we are well on our way!

Luis Zuniga PT, DPT, CHT, MTC

For a while, Fyzical El Paso didn’t have a program of this sort. Whenever we take on something new, we want to make sure we have all the resources we need tomake it as successful andhigh-quality for our patients as possible – and for a while, we didn’t. At Fyzical El Paso, we like to take our time to ensure we are doing everything right. It can sometimes be a very long process! It all started a few years back when a patient came to us seeking help for pelvic health. She had been having intimacy troubles and even flew all the way out to Philadelphia to get the help she needed. Consequently, she met with a physical therapist in Philly who I knew from my PT training, years back. He referred her to me, and while I didn’t have much experiencewithpelvic health, I wanted to try and help her. I consultedwith a nurse about the best ways to help provide this patient treatment and realized I already somewhat knew what to do. We provided the necessary treatments for her and they worked very well! Ever since then, I knew I wanted to make pelvic health an important part of our practice. Katy came on last year, expressing

Bonus: how are your new year resolutions coming along?

At Fyzical El Paso, we like to hold each other accountable. I had stated in a previous newsletter that my resolution for the new year is to read more. Well, I am currently on my fourth book of the year and I wanted to share a little with you. I am currently reading The Price We Pay by Marty Makary. This book is a factual display of the public healthcare system and the abuses of it. It is uncomfortable but important, especially in times such as these, to understand the way healthcare works. If you are interested in giving this book a read, I highly recommend it – we will discuss it further in a future newsletter. Stay healthy and safe, and don’t hesitate to call Fyzical El Paso if you are in need of assistance. - Luis, Fyzical El Paso


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