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July 2017

Lessons Learned From Talking With Customers 6 CRM INSIGHTS

W hen it comes to CRM adoption, the dierence between highly successful and simply average organizations is small. Like an Olympic 100-yard sprint, the gap between the companies that end up on the medal stand and those that end up forgotten can come down to a few tiny mistakes. Some mistakes crop up quite often, and we’d like to tackle a few of those errors here. At CustomerTRAX, we learn a lot by speaking with business owners. After a recent peer group discussion, we came away with a set of six insights from companies that are soaring with Handle CRM software. Insight 1: If you can’t explain it, neither can anyone else. The most successful organizations can articulate their reasoning for CRM adoption quickly and clearly. Those companies see CRM as an approach to business, rather than just an application. You’ll never create consensus among your team if your purpose isn’t crystal clear, compelling, and consistent. Insight 2: It’s not an insurance plan. A lot of companies see CRM as a way to protect

increasing the eciency and value of each piece of contact, not raising the raw number of calls. Insight 5: It’s about what you do with information. Information is only powerful when you use it to drive results. Every piece of data you collect should relate back to your purpose for adoption. All the information in the world can’t add value to your business without a plan to use that information to improve processes. Insight 6: CRM is a moving target that should change with your market. Markets change all the time, and your CRM goals should change along with them. Without a willingness to adapt your goals and strategies, you’ll only have old solutions to new problems. You have to spot hurdles as they appear, and develop a strategy to clear them. Ask yourself if your company can apply any of these insights today. The faster you can identify an area for improvement, the faster you can sprint to the nish line in rst place. – Gordon Hilleque

against an employee leaving. While CRM does this, it cannot be your driving reason for implementation. If you’re not using CRM to identify opportunities for improvement, you’re not getting the most out of it. CRM shouldn’t be about limiting the damage from turnover; it should be about growing your business. Insight 3: Do not make ANY assumptions. If you’re not willing to take a hard look at your processes, how do you expect them to improve? If you assume there’s a hole in your sales process, you need the data to back it up. You cannot always take people’s word for what is happening. Look at things rsthand, or you’ll never get the whole picture. Insight 4: Not all things are created equal. Creating more contact is a common goal, often in the form of wanting to see more sales calls. With every contact or call, the objective should be clear, and, ideally, it should provide value to the customer. Without this value, your organization will not be seen dierently than the competition. If you focus on quantity without quality, you will not become more ecient. The goal should be | 1

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