Guide to Multi Sensory Environments

Calming: The interactive surface can help support calmness by providing therapeutic activities, these can Include various themes. Try the beach theme, the sound of the sea waves In the background add an extra calming affect alongside the task of moving shells. It can also be used for reminiscence as it can evoke past holiday memories. The interactions can be minimal and repetitive, such as swiping left and right to move the bubbles. The projector can be used at all mobility levels, with the options of project It on a table, floor, ceiling or wall, making it inclusive for everyone.

Interactive surfaces

Stimulating: You can grade how stimulating you want these games and interactions to be for the user by selecting various games. The games can be videos, pictures or music related, offering options to engage with all users differently. This can help users that need stimulation to stay alert, providing proprioceptive and vestibular feedback through physical tasks and interactions. Many games will promote social activities and communication through interacting with others while using the interactive surface.

Developmental: Interactive surfaces can support individuals with their developmental milestones by using different types of games to help build their hand eye coordination, learning number sequences, visual recognition and also how to take turns or share with other people. With the support of these games, it can help improve the developmental age that the user maybe functioning at, either emotionally, physically, cognitively or socially. These games can be selected and graded to suite the target audience who is using it at that time. Various skills can be developed, with improvement to focus, hand eye coordination, midline cross over, motor skills and the ability to follow as sequence.

For more Information and demonstrations: OM Interactive | Interactive Sensory Projection Systems


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