Guide to Multi Sensory Environments

Bubble Tubes and Walls Calming: The walls and tubes create a sense of calm and relaxation within the room through the colours, bubbles and the soft sounds of the pump. The bubbles which change colours and constantly keep moving will help catch the eye of the users creating a calming effect, helping soothe the user through the smooth motion. Also, as pat “ tact th ap , “ where bubble tubes help the individuals occupy their minds and transports them away from their current situations. The bubbles and colours help overpower their thoughts or feelings helping them to unwind and relax in the moment. If you have more than one tube, a thin sheet can be draped across both tubes, creating a den like atmosphere. Stimulating: With the bubble tubes & bubble walls, the lights can change colour regularly. These bright lights and the bubbles create a stimulating, alerting & engaging experience for the user. It will also help improve their visual recognition and developmental. The bubble tubes encourage the individual to touch the tubes or walls to feel vibration knowing it is safe and in a safe environment.

Developmental: Bubble tubes softly vibrate, which invites users to explore touch and encourages engagement. They also help promote the user to develop the cause-and-effect skill and the interaction with others. The bubbles and colours helps the users to focus and builds development of attention, this can be beneficial when it comes to education, if teachers are noticing that the child is struggling to relax and engage within their work they could use this as breaks within their day to help the child regulate and re-engage. Similar to the fibre optics, the colour change can be controlled by the user or achieved with assistance from whoever is helping them. It can be controlled by using dice, controllers or an iPad, depending on which option you have opted for. Encourage the user to interact and choose their colour to develop colour recognition, if you require visual aids to do this use coloured cards. This will also support to build the cause-and-effect skill which in turn develops curiosity and communication.

Idea: You can pay for additional beads or shapes to be put into your tubes. This can be in forms of sea life creatures and fit in with themes of the room. Try playing a game to help with the engagement, help increase the visual developmental and promote focus. This can be counting the coloured fish or clapping when the jelly fish reaches the top.


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