Guide to Multi Sensory Environments

Waterbed (these can include audio)

Stimulating: As the bed moulds to the body, the body will receive proprioceptive and tactile feedback, stimulating these senses. When the user is laid down on the bed, the water can be moved by someone pressing down, this can rock the body, being alerting or calming for the user. Calming: Lying down on the waterbed can provide a calming and soothing environment. The water help distribute bodyweight across the bed, helping promote the spine ’ s natural position and relieve pressure on joints. As the water is heated the warmth can help relax muscles and provide a soothing sensation against the body. Heat can often help with relieving some symptoms of pain which can be beneficial to users that suffer with pain. The security of the warm bed may help calm and regulate some users. Use a projector above the bed, this can be interactive or just to watch and promote relaxation.

Developmental: Tasks that develop skills can be completed whilst laid on the bed if this helps the user concentrate. For some this may be achieved better on the bed as the user may be relaxed and more alert, depending on their sensory needs. This provides a safe environment to help focus on other activities, such as sensory stories or educational tasks. The motion of the water can help a sensory avoider develop coping skills with vestibular issues. Try engaging with deep pressure techniques whilst on the bed, this can include a weighted blanket or pressure massages. Communication can be done through touch and music. Here is a useful website suggestion if you would like more information and training in this area:

Sensory avoiders may find this a safe space to gain tactile and proprioceptive stimulation without it being overwhelming.


T ‘ Sensory stories .’ Th can be used to help develop cognition and imagination. Use one of the stories available, create your own or use a book with pictures. Using visual aids can also help with visual interpretations and development. You can include the service user in creating a story. Find several free stories as a guide on this website: Sensory Story Collection - Special Education and Inclusive Learning (


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