King's College - Assurance Support Manager - Fire Safety

Communication & Networking

Written Communication

• Routine production of both technical and non-technical reports such as audits, dashboards, guidance documents and design standards.

Electronic Communication

• Electronic planning using Microsoft products such as PowerBI, Excel and Outlook, monitoring and use of the College’s Electronic CAFM system for obtaining drawing layouts. Using email for internal and external communications. • General administrative support including uploading statutory and project information onto the Directorate’s electronic management systems Planon, SharePoint and Zutec.

Oral Communication

• Meetings, round-table and stand-up presentations, coaching, liaising both internally within the College and externally with College partners, contractors, consultants and the general public, information dissemination to colleagues. • Delivering workshops, tool box talks and presentations on matters relating to fire safety.


• To be part of external networks in order to facilitate exchanges of information and feedback to the Assurance Manager – Fire Safety on any legislative developments pertaining to fire safety and general safety management. • Attendance at externally organised events such as seminars, workshops and training related to fire safety.

Additional Information


The post holder is required to: • Take reasonable care foer the health and safety of himself/herself and other persons who may be affected by their actions or omissions at work. • Co-operate with the employer in ensuring that all statutory and other requirements are complied with.

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