Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

Launching the RedZone Maintenance Module by Brian Beckman (Maintenance Manager)

Over the past month we have been slowly introducing the RedZone Maintenance Module. We are installing it on a few lines at a time to not overwhelm the operators and maintenance crew. The goal of the Maintenance Module is to prevent unplanned downtime on the lines. It will be accomplished in multiple ways, but one of the first phases is to provide our operators the resources to notify of issues. Similar to when you are driving a car, you as the driver will notice (see, hear, feel, smell ect) if there are issues long before your mechanic at the shop will know. The new module relies on our operators (drivers of the car) to let us know when things are not running right. This already happens on most lines, but it provides easier access for our operators.

Jim Shuck (Maintenance A Supervisor), Lisa Winkler & Laura Mares (Line Operators) all using the new module

The concept is similar to other RedZone modules, but it starts with everyone’s vested interest in the performance of our machines. The new module provides the operators with new avenues to report issues or concerns on their lines. Operators will now have the ability to create and send a “sense” if something doesn’t sound, look, feel, or smell right on their line. This is often an indication that something may break soon or needs to be adjusted. This alert is broadcast to the maintenance team and a mechanic will address the issues as soon as they are available. Another fea- ture is in the event of a breakdown the operators can select that they require immediate maintenance assistance and it sends out an alert to all of the connected devices. With both features the operator can send a photo or video clip allowing the mechanics to see what is going on before they get to the line. Another portion of the RedZone Mainte- nance module is to perform “Operator Care” checks throughout the shift, which include mechanical and safety inspections of the line to predict and prevent injury or mechanical failures. These checks are not a pre-operation check and operators have been provided a few hours to complete the inspections of their equipment. In future months we will see more checks be developed and implemented for the mechanics and PM crew to complete on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. Through our combined efforts (mechanics and line operators), we can now communicate more effectively and re- port observations prior to them causing downtime. If anyone would like to see the module in action, please contact me and I will be happy to show you.

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