Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

Crest Ink Volume 32 • Number 02 & 03

April, May, June, July, August & September 2020

Ashton, IL 61006

GETTING TO KNOW: IT DEPARTMENT Welcome to a special combined issue of the Crest Ink! Many of these stories and pictures were written and taken before the pandemic hit. We will be back with a normal 3 month issue of the Crest Ink in October.

Jonathan Moye, Mark McWethy, Phyllis Ott, Kerry Tumleson, Larry Stevens & Andy McCannon

The Crest Foods IT department is staffed by six very creative and responsive individuals who do their best to make our computer world tick each day…and let’s face it, nothing at Crest happens unless the computer works. This group has fully subscribed to the theory that we, as a company, do not work for the computer – it works for us. To make that happen, each individual in this department has taken the time to truly understand how Crest actually functions and customizes their efforts to support that activity versus simply telling us what the computer will allow us to do. This philosophy combined with their efforts have created a very supportive and positive work environ- ment between IT and the rest of us who sometimes struggle to understand the power of the technology that is put at our fingertips every day. We are very grateful for their support.

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