Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

Max’d Out by Gaven Meiners Max Ballard has seen more change at Crest then most, from bag phones to Iphones, he was able to adapt and adjust with the times, well on most things! If I had to pick two words to best describe Crest Culture, it would be Max Ballard. His love for his job, peers, and customers showed every day and we are all going to miss him. For 35 years, Max was on the road either selling or offering technical support to the dairy industry. His attitude, knowledge and devotion to Crest can never be repaid. He has saved our customers millions upon millions of dollars over the years, literally putting

his fingerprint on the industry. Some would even call him legenDAIRY. Well, he’s finally Max’d out his time at Crest and we want to wish him well in his retirement. Don’t be surprised if you call in one day and hear “Good Morning Ya’ll” as I have a sneaking suspicion that we won’t be able to keep Max away from Crest all together. I did get a chance to sit down and talk with Max for a while before his last day. My goal was to share some of Max’s most memorable moments. Max tends to get himself into some precarious situations, and some stories are just bet- ter untold! I will say, next time you see Max ask him how long it takes to break out of a hotel bathroom with no phone or tools. In my best Elvis Voice, I would like to say thank you very much Max, thank you very much. Best wishes and happy retirement.

43 years and a few months later, Connie Schumacher has decided it was time to retire from Crest Foods. Connie did it all at during her career. She worked on and ran a line for many years, as well as worked in the maintenance department. In addition to her many talents at Crest, in her free time (which she just gained a lot more of !) Connie also bakes and deco- rates cakes, makes delicious candy at Christmas time, and does all of her own landscaping and remodeling in her home. Connie, you may not have let us throw you the traditional retirement party, but we still wanted to let you know that we are thankful for the years and wish you the very best in your retirement! Congrats Connie Schumacher

There’s nothing quite like the smell of the entryway that can’t really be described as anything but the pleasant smell of Crest. It’s a mixture of all the scents somehow all combined and just waiting for Yankee to make another candle. Don Cole (Ingredient Production A) took that smell in every working morning for close to 18 years before he traded it in for the smell of burnt rubber and gasoline. Don worked at a car shop for many years before finding his way to our Crest Foods Family. Growing up he developed a love for cars and dirt tracking racing which was only trumped by his later love of his family. Every Monday morning over the summers we learned about the latest race, and every other day we learned about how proud of his family he was. Don Cole’s Retirement! by Justin Guenther

April, May, June, July, August & September 2020 Crest Ink 11 March 5th marked the beginning of his long weekend of retirement where he plans to spend all his time with his first two loves; family and racing. Don’s retirement career is working on his late model car by week, racing on the weekends, and mentoring his grandson through his own racing career. His grandson has been learning quickly and is getting close to beating him. Good luck in retirement, Don! I will forever envision you eating a cold bowl of Cheer- ios out by the track. Just remember the warning label on the mirror you see your grandson in, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear!”

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