Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

CIP 2020 2nd Quarter Winners The Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) is a program where employees submit suggestions on ways they think we can improve Crest Foods. These suggestions may help improve overall efficiency, employee safety, sanita - tion, record keeping, maintenance and various other areas around Crest Foods. We received 19 suggestions from employees for the 2nd quarter. Thank you to everyone for participating!

Jesse Morris, Production B-Shift & Jerry Maronde, Maintenance B-Shift 2nd Quarter 1st Place • $250 each While running some cartons with an X-Ray the cartons would turn and twist getting jammed inside the X-Ray causing significant down time and presenting a safety issue with clearing the jams. The solution

was to fabricate and install rails that would go through the X-Ray guiding the cartons through the entire machine. The prototype was implemented and worked well so far. We will modify so that they rails do not interfere with the function of the machine, but overall the solution has improved the function of the machine and mitigated an em- ployee safety hazard.

Jon Larson, Maintenance C-Shift 2nd Quarter Runner Up • $150

The cereal line scales have a divider in the top of them that requires a significant amount time to install because of the bolts and nuts. Jon’s idea was to replace the bolts and nuts with pins that will significantly reduce the amount of manpower and time to remove and install the dividers. There maybe some modifications to the design, but the plan is to implement this as time permits.

Hannah Hodges, Production C-Shift 2nd Quarter Runner Up • $150

Hannah’s idea was to improve the web cart on the cereal line by extending the wheel base and installing larger casters. This will help with moving the web at a higher level , will help with stability, and will make it easier to move if it has to be rolled over seams in the floor. This is a great safety suggestion that has alerady been implemented!

Eric Droege & John VanDyke, Maintenance C-Shift 2nd Quarter Runners Up • $150 each

When gear boxes heat up the heat is vented through the factory vent, sometimes oil will be released and drips onto the floor. This causes multiple concerns from safety and equipment performance. Eric and

John designed and implemented a reservoir tank that is installed before the vent that allows the air to rise and the oil to cool off and settle back into the gear box. This has prevented the gearboxes from venting oil. We will con- tinue to implement the solution on equipment that frequently has this issue.

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