Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

Congratulations to the following employees for obtaining new jobs at Crest Foods over the last few months!

Jarod Hernandez Lead Bagger Ing. Production C Aliyah Stinnett QA Line Tech B CIP 2020 3rd Quarter Winners John Davis Lab Technician Consumer Products

Shannon Gunnon, Production A-Shift 3rd Quarter 1st Place • $250

Shannon’s suggestion was to find a magnetic lined tape to replace the orange tape currently used to tie off barrels. Sometimes the bags tear and the tape gets into the hopper. If the tape was magnetic we could detect it at the metal detector and prevent foreign material from entering the product. We will take this one step farther and include slice tape. With the introduction of all the automatic pouch placers we have eliminated the ability to have a person pull out the pouch that has splice tape on the pouch. If the tape was magnetic it would reject at the metal detectors. Great idea!

James Long, Ingredient Sanitation B-Shift 3rd Quarter Runner Up • $150

James’ suggestion was to make a quick connect (clamp) system to replace the many bolts holding the hopper lids down. This will ultimately save a lot of time, makes it easier to take apart and put back together, and leaves us with no risk of bolts going missing in food prod- uct. This is a great idea that we are getting into place as soon as possible!

Brad Furman & Trevor Ferry, Mix B-Shift 3rd Quarter Runners Up • $150 each

Their idea was to add an “L” shaped bracket to the frame of the metal detector where the bin sits for metal kickoffs at the Mix Facil- ity. The rejected powder knocks the bin over every time it kicks off. This bracket would keep the bin from falling over and spilling. If the powder doesn’t spill, it makes it much easier to find the cause of the reject. Great idea! We are working wth the machine shop to make this happen.

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