Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

Terry Jacobs - 5 years Interests: Working on his Jeeps, working around the house and yard work 1 thing most don’t know about me: I love working on 4X4 vehicles and have won several shows with one of my show Jeeps. Bernie Iwema - 13 years Interests: I enjoy hunting, especially for deer. 1 thing most don’t know about me: I was in the Air Force for 10 years, once lived in Italy for 5 years and have 3 kids. Cody McCallister - 2 years

Interests: Watching TV and relaxing 1 thing most don’t know about me: I rehabilitate small animals (anything from cats to opossums) at my home. Evan Knack - 6 months Interests: Playing tennis and working on cars 1 thing most don’t know about me: I love visiting Wisconsin brewing companies, with my favorite being Leinenkugel’s. Jon Parker - Just started! Interests: Being outdoors, fishing and family 1 thing most don’t know about me: I love to collect sports memorabilia (mostly Cubs and Bears).

Corona Virus & Crest Foods by Jeff Meiners The words corona virus were not even part of our vocabulary six months ago…today, many of us have been overwhelmed with information, theories, opinions, politicians’ views, conflicting direction from experts and a bar- rage of endless news coverage that deals almost exclusivly with those two words that have been thrust into our daily thoughts. All of our lives have been impacted by this situation, undoubtedly some much more significantly than others. Certainly all of us have individually been left with a sense of fear and confusion in deciding how to best deal with this situation that is unprecedented in most of our lives. Crest as a company has dealt with the same confusing flow of information when trying to decide what the best actions that we as a group of 750 people working together every day should take to stay healthy and safe. Our business is deemed essential – keeping food on the grocery store shelf certainly seems to fit that bill – so staying at home and laying low has not been an option. Many steps have been taken to increase awareness and to practice good measures to help prevent the spread of any virus brought into work. All of these changes in how we work every day have not always been pleasant to carry out to say the least (maybe we’ll have a mask burning party when this is all over). The overall positive and even enthusiastic embracing of these changes by Crest employees has been gratifying to see and much appreciated. We have had much success in keeping the corona virus from getting a foot- hold in our facility and in our employees’ lives…and that is largely due to the willingness of everyone working to- gether to keep this from happening. Despite all the fear, anxiety and sacrifices that many have experienced, we can still count ourselves as very fortunate. We live in a rural area that has not experienced a heavy outbreak of the virus, we are in a business that is highly in demand, we all have jobs and paychecks, no one has gotten seriously ill despite a few positive cases and most impor- tantly…through it all we have treated each other with respect and kindness. Truly the best traits of our people have shown through in a difficult time. We couldn’t be more proud and thankful.

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