Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

Mark McWethy - 25 Years VP of Information Technology Interests: Biking and traveling 1 thing most don’t know about me: I was adopted. Kerry Tumleson - 19 years MIS System Programmer Interests: Taking naps and backing my car into ditches 1 thing most don’t know about me: When I was younger, I could run the 100 yard dash in 27 seconds. Jonathan Moye - Just started! IT Systems Administrator Interests: Wilderness backpacking with my brothers, flying drones, cooking, gadgets & gizmos, and swimming 1 thing most don’t know about me: I’ve been stranded on an uninhabited island and was rescued by the coast guard. (Do not underestimate Lake Superior. A 3 man canoe with 7 people in it will crash when the water gets rough.)

Larry Stevens - 1 year RPG Developer Interests: Boating, beaches and home projects 1 thing most don’t know about me: I’ve flown model planes, helicopters and drones for 40 years. Phyllis Ott - 30 years IT Systems Administrator Interests: Cardio drumming, kayaking and traveling 1 thing most don’t know about me: I have been in every state of the United States except New Mexico. Andy McCannon - 41 years MIS Programmer Interests: Wine tasting, chilling by a lake and hanging with my grandson 1 thing most don’t know about me: I once won a dance contest.


The Karlin Foods Distribution Center second shift crew is small but they are full service. The crew of Terry Jacobs, Bernie Iwema, Cody McCallister, Evan Knaak, Jon Parker and Steve Hilleman can handle anything that comes their way. The crew is responsible for shipping finished product to stores, receiving finished products from Crest Foods as well as Karlin’s other facilities and play a huge part in making sure the day shift is ready to go first thing in the morning. By staging loads and picking product all night, they make sure the wheel never stops moving. On average the crew handles shipping 15-20 outbound trucks per night and receives in a additional 10-15 trucks of product. Thats a lot of forklift miles they run at night covering the 322,000 square foot warehouse. The work you guys do is greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work! (Not pictured: Steve Hilleman)

2 Crest Ink April, May, June, July, August & September 2020 Terry Jacobs Bernie Iwema

Cody McCallister

Evan Knaak

Jon Parker

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