Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

Modern Day Treasure Hunting by Savannah Fagan

Keith Larson with some curious spectators while he’s dirt fishing

1797 One Reale coin - the coin that made Keith an official 1700’s Club Member

When you hear the term treasure hunting, what comes to mind? It probably depends on who you ask. I’m sure many people would think pirates or if you’re a movie fan, maybe even The Goonies. If you ask Keith Larson (Pro- duction Supervisor A), he’d tell you metal detecting, something he’s been doing a lot of over the last ten years. Keith started his hobby back in 8th grade after spending a summer detassling and saving up to buy his first detector. When he first started detecting, he would go where he could easily walk or ride his bike but nowadays, he travels all over. If he sees an older home, you can bet he’s going to ask the owner’s permission to detect his property. Keith actually found one of his best finds, a 1797 One Reale, which is an old Spanish silver coin, on Erika Meiners’ prop- erty. He’ll also walk parks, school grounds, fair grounds and anything in between. Keith is often asked about his finds. He said his biggest finds to date are an old Ford hub cap and a shovel head. His neatest finds are all of the military items he’s found which include WW2 buttons, locks, and pins. Keith has 3 display cases in his home that he puts his favorite finds for people to view when they visit. He’s found over 75 Silver coins, 300 wheat back pennies, and a variety of old copper coins such as Indian Head pennies that range from mid to late 1800s and 3 large cents from 1833, 1850, and 1840. He’s also found many jewelry pieces, including over 15 rings, a mid-1920s gold brooch and 4 necklaces. He often buys equipment for metal detecting with the CLAD change (coin we use today) or uses it for a new detector. If you have an older home and would give permission to have the grounds detected, talk to Keith!

I found this skid at work 3 years ago and asked if I could take it home. I had the idea to use it to grow food and decided to plant potatoes in it. I’ve gotten about 30 pounds of fresh picked potatoes every year. It’s so easy! I just use potting soil and there’s no digging or weeding involved. It was definitely an awesome find! Spider Dan (B Shift West Warehouse)

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