Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

YETI Series by Savannah Fagan It’s rare to meet someone who’s willing to go running when it’s cold and snowing, but it’s even rarer to have 6 individuals from the same company who are willing to do so. This past winter, Jamie Cooper (Consumer Products), Jessica Guenther (QA Supervisor), Matthias Kemmeren (Maintenance Supervisor), Matt Richardson (Corporate Purchasing), Dan Stumpenhorst (QA A) and Jared Stumpenhorst (Operations Manager) all participated in the Yeti series. For those who don’t know, the Yeti series is in Dixon and is made up of four races – a 5K, 10K, 15K, and finishing off with a 20K. Unlike other races, participants were able to preview the course prior to the race. This helps the runner mentally prepare for what they were about to endure. Jess said that the 5K wasn’t terrible and that the 10K was her personal favorite. The 20K took out Matt’s knee at mile

Jessica Guenther, Matt Richardson, Matthias Kemmeren & Dan Stumpenhorst

7 (he still finished!) and was nothing but hills. What made them decide to compete in the Yeti series? The general answer was peer pressure. Jess said that she “drank the Kool-Aid” after hearing Matthias, Jared and Dan talk about how much fun it was. Jamie and Matt both said it was going to be fun, as long as they didn’t die. The shirt they re- ceived at the end of the series must have been worth it because most said they will participate again next year!

New Manpower Onsite Supervisor Traci Hartmann This March, Crest Foods was happy to welcome Traci Hartmann as our new Onsite Man- power Supervisor! As a general resource for all Manpower employees, our hope continues to be, as it always has been with this position, that the Onsite Manpower Supervisor helps new employees succeed, embrace the company culture and ultimately get hired in as a full time employee at Crest Foods. Traci has worked worked at Manower as the On-Site Super

visor at Rayovac in Dixon for the past 1.5 years. Prior to that, she spent many years in legal and Human Resources fields before joining Manpower. She loves the personal interaction her current job allows and knowing her work, in turn, helps people to provide for their families - which is a great feeling. Traci was born and raised in Dixon, Illinois where she resides with her boyfriend and sons. Her oldest son, Brendan will be 20 this year and her idential twins, Nicholas and Zachary will be turning 14. She loves watching hockey (Blackhawks) and baseball (Cubs - 2nd to my son’s team of course), reading, photography and going to the gym. We look forward to Traci bringing her years of experience and great communication and people skills to Crest Foods. Welcome!

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