Crest Ink - Volume 32 - Number 02 & 03

Summer Help Crest Foods was able to employ 30 kids, grandkids or siblings of employees this summer, with a majority of them working in our Production Department. We appreciated the help during a busy summer and hope they all enjoyed their time at Crest Foods!

Jesus Aguillar

Francisco Cadenas

Jacob Donaldson

Ashley Cadenas

Alyssa Carter

Katherine Henrikson

Carlos Lara

Marco Lopez

Victoria Hampton

Ben Henrikson

Jessica Luxton

Wade Lyles

Jorge Mandujano

Yahaira Mandujano

Desirae Moore

Mason Munroe

Austin Norman

Brayan Orozco

Josue Orozco

Javier Perez

Jonathan Prose

Bethany Quarton

Shawn Renard

Ryan Rhodes

Max Torres

Christa VanRaden

Trey Winkler

Daisy Estrada

Cassandra Estrella

Gabriel Zellers

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