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September 2019

The Burke Family JourneywithHareWynn


acklyn Burke will never forget what transpired on Aug. 31, 2010, the day she gave birth to her son Noah. She remembers the difficulty with her labor, the prolonged absence of her doctor from the delivery room, an intuitive sense of something being horribly wrong, and the few precious minutes she had with him after his birth, while holding his tiny hand, before he was airlifted by helicopter to another hospital better equipped to save his life. Nor will Jacklyn ever forget the one haunting question that no one had an answer to, which was, “What happened to my baby?” The shock, fear, confusion, and heartbreak she experienced was immense when she finally learned — after weeks

had passed — that Noah was suffering from

hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) and cerebral palsy, and he would be a quadriplegic. This also meant Noah would need continual care and costly medical attention for the

remainder of his life. Jacklyn not only needed someone who would be able to find out who was responsible for Noah’s condition and hold them accountable, but she also needed someone to help her and her husband find a way to provide for their son while facing the daunting obstacles that lay before them. A family member referred Jacklyn to Hare Wynn because it is known as the leading medical malpractice law firm in the area. After contacting the firm, she met with Shay Samples and Ashley Peinhardt, who would be the attorneys handling her case. When Jacklyn first met with Shay and recounted Noah’s story, he told her that he believed there had been medical negligence and that he was going to take their case. In her words, “My first impression of Shay was that he was a very kind, compassionate, and discerning man. He made me feel like he really cared about all of us as a family and how we were all impacted by what had happened.” Hare Wynn filed suit against the nurses and the medical center where they worked. A confidential settlement was reached with the nurses and medical center. Jacklyn says, “The settlement took about four years. Hare Wynn always kept me updated and let me know what was happening.” Jacklyn goes on to say that they went to great lengths to accommodate her schedule when she needed to see them in person. Jacklyn explains, “They were very mindful of making things as easy on us as possible, and this made a really hard process a lot easier. They were so wonderful to us, and they still are.”

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Jacklyn says that Shay and Ashley were incredibly determined to see her achieve the best possible outcome, and they possessed a remarkable ability to instill courage and inspire hope when she found herself overwhelmed or afraid. The depositions were particularly difficult because they required reliving painful events, but Shay and Ashley were there to comfort her. In Jacklyn’s words, “They gave me the strength to get through it. Furthermore, I don’t believe I could have gone through any of this without them. I’m particularly grateful to Ashley for her incredible compassion. I felt like I was going through this entire process with a sister who was with me every step of the way. Their attitude was always, ‘You can do this.’ I continually felt like I was surrounded by family. They helped me stay focused, and they helped me get my baby what he needed and deserved — there are just not enough good things I can say about that. I will be forever grateful to them. Hare Wynn is a firm you definitely want on your side.”

If you need a helping hand when tragedy strikes or even when a loved one has suffered a minor injury, give us a call at 1-855-997-9319. We also invite you to visit us anytime at HWNN.com.

Helping Students in Need

What makes these numbers so staggering is that apart from the millions of children in poverty whose families struggle to afford school supplies, it’s an uphill battle for most parents in general to pay for these supplies. A study conducted by Junior Achievement USA reveals that 60% of parents say it’s a challenge to afford all their students’ necessary school supplies.

This has been such an issue that even teachers have tried to alleviate some of the burden on the parents. A report by the National Center for Education Statistics highlights how 94% of public school teachers spend their own money on supplies for their students. The school supplies collected by Hare Wynn were given to students across the Birmingham area during an event at New Birth Family Church. We were grateful for the opportunity to help. Hundreds of students received free haircuts and book bags full of school supplies during the event. They also had a chance to enjoy games, face painting, and much more. While New Birth Family Church’s annual back-to- school rally may be over, there are still many ways you can get involved. The Kids in Need Foundation offers a plethora of ways for anyone to donate or volunteer all year round. To find more information, visit their website at KINF.org.

I t’s not just our firm as a whole that is dedicated to our community; every single team member is dedicated to helping. With the increasing prices of school supplies and the upward battle most parents face to get them, we wanted to ensure that the children in our community are equipped to be successful this school year. As the school season begins, more than 15 million kids living in impoverished conditions in the U.S. will arrive on the first day without the supplies they need to be successful. In recent years, studies have shown that the supply list for an elementary student can cost up to $600.

Juul Marketing and Health Risks

The creators of Juul claim that their mission is “improving the lives of the one billion adult smokers,” but their marketing tactics show otherwise. Through social media campaigns, clever product design, and other marketing strategies, the San Francisco startup has helped initiate a teen nicotine epidemic. The FDA states the use of Juul and other vaping devices have reversed decades of progress in preventing teens from smoking. Here is a breakdown of how they accomplished this and what dangers await you or a loved one if you choose to use a Juul. Marketing A recent study from Stanford University found that Juul’s marketing “was blatantly youth-oriented.” Juul utilized specific media channels that encompass a youth-oriented market, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While most companies budget for social media advertising, the company also invested in social media influencers. Through paid sponsorships with YouTubers and Instagrammers who have large teen and preteen audiences, the #Juul hashtag began flooding social media feeds with ease. The study also found that adults were absent from Juul’s advertising efforts. What makes this frustrating is that, when the CEO of Juul apologized during a CNBC interview, he denied their target audience: “I’m sorry that there are children using the product. It’s not intended for them. I hope there was nothing that we did that made it appealing to them.” Health Risks The liquid found in Juul pods is 5% nicotine by volume. That high of a percentage is more than twice the amount of nicotine found in most other vape liquids. Juul concealed this key information from the public. With such a high concentration of nicotine, Juul use leads to various health problems and a higher risk of nicotine addiction, according to the UCSF Center for Tobacco Control and Education. Dr. Stanton Glantz, director of the center, explains that nicotine stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems and can lead to heart disease, lung issues, birth defects, and other complications. Dr. Glantz also mentions that evidence has been found linking vaping in general to chronic pulmonary obstructive disease and permanent health issues. If you or a loved one became addicted to nicotine or suffered other health problems as a result of using Juul, contact us right now to receive a free consultation. Visit our website anytime at HWNN.com.

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What do you do when apples are in season but you don’t have time to make a pie? You opt for a crisp, of course.


Filling: •

Topping: •

5 lbs Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored, and chopped 1/4 cup pecans, finely chopped

3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/3 cup brown sugar 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon 6 tbsp chilled butter, cut into pieces 1/4 cup pecans, coarsely chopped 1/4 tsp salt

• • • •

• • • •

3 tbsp all-purpose flour

2 tbsp maple syrup 1 tbsp lemon juice


1. Heat oven to 350 F. 2. In a mixing bowl, mix all filling ingredients together. Transfer to individual serving ramekins. 3. In a different mixing bowl, combine flour, sugar, cinnamon,

roughly the size of a pea, then stir in pecans. Sprinkle topping over filling. 4. Bake for 35–40 minutes, let stand for 10 minutes, and serve.

Inspired by Food Network

and salt for the topping. Mix in butter until it forms lumps

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Sudoku solution.


The Burke Family Journey with Hare Wynn

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Helping Students in Need

Beware of Juul Classic Apple Crisp


Celebrating Math and Puzzles

Solve Your Favorite Math Puzzles!

International Sudoku Day brings puzzle and math lovers together to enjoy the perfect in-between! Specifically chosen on Sept. 9 by the World Puzzle Federation, this holiday is a great opportunity to celebrate the beloved 9x9 puzzle game.

translates to “the numerals must remain single.” In Japan, sudoku quickly became very popular, mostly because it’s so much easier to play than other puzzle games like crosswords. Sudoku continues to be a popular puzzle choice in Japan where, according to Sudoku.com, over 600,000 sudoku magazines are purchased every month. Celebrating this holiday has never been easier! Grab a sudoku book, magazine, or newsletter and start solving! The best thing about sudoku is that the puzzles can be done anywhere: while you’re enjoying breakfast, during a lunch break at work, or while you’re relaxing at home. They can also be done in one sitting or over an extended period of time. Filling out a puzzle doesn’t have to be an individual task, either. Challenge family or friends to see who can finish a sudoku puzzle the quickest or work on one together. Observing Sudoku

History of Sudoku

One of the first mathematical puzzles was published in La France, a French newspaper, in 1895. However, the puzzle we now see in newspapers, sudoku books, and newsletters wasn’t invented until 1979 by Howard Garns. Originally published in Dell Pencil Puzzles and Word Games magazine, Garns named it “Number Place.” It was later given the name “sudoku” in 1984 when it was published in Japan. However, the puzzle didn’t catch the interest of Americans until 2004, when it began to be regularly published in newspapers.

Interesting Facts

The name “sudoku” is short for the Japanese expression “sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru,” which

Pick up a few sudoku puzzles today and start solving!

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