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May 2018


CHANGE LIVES THE POWER TO Why I Love Working at Jones Smiles

My passion for dentistry began at a young age. As

Outside the office, I’m a busy mother of three. With a 3-year- old, a 6-year-old, and an 8-year-old running around the house, it’s an understatement to say my husband, Jeff, and I have our hands full. But whenever we can find the time, we love to relax and travel as a family. In fact, this month, we’re heading back to Disney — a trip I’d take every month if it were feasible. It’s sure to be another enchanting and wonderful vacation. Though, as we wrangle three young children all over the park, it’s really more like a “working vacation,” as Jeff and I like to say. It’s the kind of carefully controlled chaos we’ve come to love. The other day, one of my favorite patients came in for a routine cleaning. I’ve been treating him regularly for years. He originally came in for a quote on a full-mouth rehabilitation — another dental office had estimated $40,000 for the treatment. Over the coming months, we treated him at one-fourth of the cost he’d been quoted, transforming his worn and broken-down teeth into a healthy, functional, beautiful smile. Every time he comes in, I’m reminded why I love the work I do. His newfound pride and confidence puts me on cloud nine the instant he steps through the door, eager to chat with me and the rest of the team. He reminds me of my family members who struggled so long with smiles they were afraid to show. Now he’s a comfortable, easygoing, warm, and happy guy — a living embodiment of the reason I come to the office each day, ready to change lives.

a child, I observed that some members of my family suffered from persistent dental issues. These loved ones rarely grinned fully, and when they did, it was never without considering their appearance, hiding away their smile whenever possible. It was obvious to me just how often their teeth were on their minds — it was a constant source of anxiety that destroyed their confidence. However, I also saw the incredibly positive impact that an experienced dental expert can have on their patients’ lives. I began to imagine what it would be like to have that kind of effect on people. When I was in seventh grade, I shadowed our family dentist for a school project, eagerly bombarding him with all kinds of questions. From then on, my path was set. Years later, I worked to complete a full-mouth rehabilitation on my mother, and I knew beyond a doubt that I had made the right decision. After the treatment, she steadily unlearned the anxious, smile-hiding habits she’d developed over decades. She began to grin freely with restored confidence and joy. I’m a dental hygienist with the warm and collaborative team at Jones Smiles, helping my patients make powerful, positive changes that spread to every aspect of their lives. Not only do I get to serve others in the way I always wanted to, but I get to be part of a close-knit work family where everyone works together each day to tangibly improve our patients’ well-being.

–Kelly Ford

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