Alleyn Club Yearbook 2017

Schedule 2

To approve and adopt the following amendments to, and replacement of, the Rules of the Alleyn Club:

1. Delete the current Rules 22 and 23

2. Insert a new Rule 22 as follows:

22. The Committee shall out of the income of the Club pay all proper administrative, overhead and other expenses of the operation and running of the Club and the management of its affairs. In addition, the Committee may make out of the Club’s income or capital such donations, grants or other payments towards, or for the purposes of, the objects referred to in Rule 3(a), (b) and (c) as they shall deem appropriate from time to time save that (except only with the prior authority of a resolution of at least two-thirds of Members present and voting at a General Meeting of the Club) in any one financial year of the Club such donations, grants or other payments shall not exceed an amount equivalent to 5% of the market value of the Club’s investments at the preceding 31 December as published in the Club’s Annual Accounts. Any member of the Committee may present to it a proposal for the making of any such donation, grant or other payment but no such member with a vested or special interest in the intended recipient of any such payment shall take part in any discussion by the Committee of such proposal or vote on the proposal. All such expenditure shall be included in the Annual Accounts presented for approval at the Annual General Meeting following the year of expenditure.

3. Renumber Rules 24 to 26 as Rules 23 to 25.


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